Spaniards spent an average of 43% of their salary to pay rent in 2022, according to a study carried out by Fotocasa and Infojobs, which represents an increase of 3% compared to 2021 and the highest figure in the last decade.

In 2022 the price of rental housing increased by 7.4%, reaching 11.03 euros per square meter per month, as indicated by the study. In turn, according to data from Infojobs, the average gross salary in Spain was, last year, 24,395 euros, so to rent a house of 80 square meters, 43% of the salary was needed.

The director of Studies and spokesperson for Fotocasa, María Matos, has stated that the increase in rental prices causes the salary effort that the citizen makes to access the rental to be well above what is recommended by the European control bodies, which establish that it is not More than 30% must be used to pay for the house.

For her part, the director of Communication and Studies at Infojobs, Mónica Pérez, has commented that the gross monthly salary, according to her data, has reached 2,033 euros in 2022, which represents a loss of 6.4% in purchasing power , if one takes into account that inflation closed at 5.7%.

According to the study presented this Monday by Infojobs and Fotocasa, in ten autonomous communities the part of the salary allocated to rent increases, while it decreases in seven. The Balearic Islands is the community that allocates the highest salary percentage to pay the rent, going from 49% in 2021 to 58% in 2022.

In Catalonia the percentage also rises to 58%, followed by Madrid (57%), the Basque Country (52%), the Canary Islands (49%), Cantabria (43%), the Valencian Community (42%), Navarra (40%) , Andalusia (38%), Aragon (36%), Galicia (35%), Asturias (33%), Castilla y León (33%), La Rioja (33%), Region of Murcia (32%), Extremadura ( 25%) and Castilla-La Mancha (24%).

By provinces, residents of Zamora (24%), Jaén (23%), Cáceres (23%) and Ciudad Real (21%) are the only ones who used less than 25% of their salaries for rent.

On the other hand, Barcelona has the most expensive square meter in Spain, with an annual increase of 7.3%, standing at 16.10 euros per square meter per month. The people of Barcelona allocate an average of 62% of their salary to rent, as the report by Fotocasa and Infojobs concludes.

The most expensive provinces, after Barcelona are: Gipuzkoa (59%), Islas Balears (58%), Madrid (57%), Málaga (52%), Las Palmas (51%), Bizkaia (50%), Santa Cruz from Tenerife (47%), Girona (46%) and Álava (46%).