Speed ​​Skating Canada (SVC) confirmed Monday that the organization will stage the long track and short track nationals at the same location for the first time in its history.

The Quebec Ice Ring will host the two nationals from October 13 to 16, as we wrote last week. Director General of the Quebec Speed ​​Skating Federation, Robert Dubreuil is very happy with the turn of events.

“After the setbacks of the Olympic Trials during the holiday season last year which were canceled due to COVID-19, I am very happy to have the ball returned to us, he illustrated. It’s a great sign of confidence from SSC and it will be good practice in anticipation of the Four Continents Championship (long track) which will take place from December 2 to 4 and which will be the first international competition disputed in Quebec since 1992 when we hosted a long track World Cup in the 1500m and 5000m. »

The world elite

The best skaters will be in Quebec to earn a spot on the teams that will take part in the fall World Cups.

“In addition to the young wolves who will want to make a name for themselves, the Olympians will all be present except Charles Hamelin who has retired, underlined Dubreuil. The people of Quebec haven’t seen a high level of skating in ages. »

Dubreuil likes the trend that is emerging in the upper echelons of speed skating.

“There is a desire for rapprochement between the two disciplines and that can give good results,” he said. Because we have only one long track infrastructure in Quebec, our base of skaters comes from short track because young people want to go fast when they start. As they get older, teenagers choose a discipline according to their profile. It is important not to specialize too quickly and that is why we have created a hybrid program. »

Dubreuil likes the partnership that is emerging between the two National Centers in Calgary and Quebec without forgetting Montreal, which is the home of the national short track team.

“Even though the majority of long track skaters are in Calgary, SSC understands the need to develop both Centres. It is not automatic that they will return to Quebec next year, but it shows where we are at. Montreal and Calgary will be back. »

The Oval of Ice will also host the Canada Cup 2, from January 5-8, which will serve as the selection for the World Championship as well as the Canadian Juniors on January 7-8.