Both firms agree to apply digital twin technology and models to Mars factories around the world over the next three years


Accenture is working with Mars, a global manufacturer of baking, food and pet care products and services, to transform and modernize its global manufacturing operations with artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, edge technology, and digital twins, in its factories. Mars around the world, Accenture has reported.

Since late 2020, both companies have been conducting digital twin trials at Mars factories. Digital twins are virtual representations of machines, products or processes, which, fed with real-time data, predict and optimize production processes and equipment performance, from reliability to quality and energy efficiency.

Applied to Mars facilities, digital twins allow product tuning results to be simulated and validated before time and resources are allocated in physical space.

Now, Accenture and Mars have entered into a new agreement to apply digital twin models and technology to the company’s factories around the world.

Thus, the operators of the production lines will have real-time information on the current and predictive performance. Over the next three years, Mars will apply these models to dozens of use cases.

In addition, the companies will create a new cloud platform for manufacturing, data and artificial intelligence (AI) applications to lay the foundation for the “factory of the future.”

They will develop this platform over the next two years and it will provide next-generation robotics, AI and automation capabilities to make Mars manufacturing operations significantly more efficient and sustainable, optimizing water consumption, and reducing waste and gas emissions. greenhouse.

Accenture brings cloud, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to the project. It also works closely with Microsoft to leverage Accenture’s own Azure platform and edge accelerators. Earlier this year, Accenture was named Microsoft’s 2022 Partner of the Year for Manufacturing and Supply Chain.