The workforce of Acerinox workers in Los Barrios (Cádiz) has rejected the proposal for a collective agreement presented as mediation by the Andalusian Labor Relations Council (CARL), dependent on the Department of Employment, by a large majority. Thus, a total of 1,200 workers have voted no to the proposal compared to 427 votes in favor.

Last Monday, CARL presented a proposal to the workers’ strike committee and the company after “carrying out an in-depth analysis of the entire process followed and, especially, the evolution of the negotiating movements of the parties and the arguments offered,” elaborating an “equitable proposal” to collect the main requirements of the parties.

For its part, the company stated that it submitted its final decision to the result of the vote of the staff itself, and in the event that they supported the CARL mediation proposal, Acerinox Europa would agree to the proposal, despite considering which is not sufficient for the viability of the plant and represents a “slowdown of the necessary adaptation of the plant to the demand and market situation.”

The proposal presented by the CARL came after the mediation team once again insisted, as the only way to solve it, that a mediation proposal be accepted by both parties and put to a vote by the workers’ assembly, under the condition that The company withdrew its proposal to organize work in three shifts, and the strike committee accepted that the CARL proposal be submitted to a workers’ assembly and vote by the entire workforce.