Commits to the development of up to 1 GW of capacity in data centers by 2030 with an investment of up to 12,000 million euros

The ACS group plans to achieve a profit of between 850 and 1,000 million euros in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 14%, as contemplated in its new strategic plan for the period 2024 to 2026 submitted to the Commission National Securities Market (CNMV).

With this plan, the company chaired by Florentino Pérez plans to distribute about 2,000 million euros in dividends in these next three years (an average of 667 million annually), compared to 600 million euros in 2023, which means increasing remuneration to its shareholders up to 2 euros per year per share or higher.

During its Capital Markets Day, held this Wednesday in Madrid, the group’s CEO, Juan Santamaría, announced that the company expects to achieve an annual growth of 9% in its income, until reaching a turnover of between 43,000 and 48,000 million euros. in 2026.

The executive has detailed that the company is now structured into three main business legs: Comprehensive solutions, under whose perimeter are its subsidiaries Turner and Cimic, concentrating 65% of the profit before taxes; Infrastructure (Abertis, Iridium, Hochtief and Pacific, with 20% of the profit) and Engineering and Construction (Dragados, Flatiron and Hochtief, with another 15%.

For the next three years, the company will dedicate between 2,500 and 5,400 million euros of its cash generation to new acquisitions and investments, while at the same time it plans to divest between 2,000 and 3,000 million euros.

The rest of the cash will be allocated to the dividend (2,000 million euros), to the capital increase necessary in Abertis to continue growing in its highway market (650 million euros) and to the acquisition of 50% of the mining company from the Elliot fund. Thiess (200 million euros).

Santamaría has delved into the business objectives for 2030, a year for which it expects to invest up to 20,000 million euros in transport infrastructure, up to 12,000 million in the development of 1 gigawatt (GW) of capacity in data centers, another 7,000 million in 5 GW of renewables and 2.6 billion in sustainable mobility.

With all this, the value of the group’s fundamentals will go from the current 14,000 million euros to 28,000 million by 2030, which means doubling its value.


In the turn of its subsidiary Abertis, its CEO, José Aljaro, has announced that the company has identified up to 9 potential projects, raising the portfolio to above 40,000 million euros of gross operating profit (Ebitda) in the coming years. .

The forecasts point to an Ebitda of 4,300 million euros for this financial year 2024, which will be 10% more than in 2023, and will continue to increase progressively to a target of 6,000 million in 2032, all taking into account only the current portfolio.

As for the dividend distributed by the concessionaire to its shareholders (ACS and the Italian Mundys in equal parts), it will continue at 600 million euros until 2038, which adds up to a total of 9,000 million euros. Starting that year, it will begin to exceed 600 million.


Regarding its US subsidiary, Turner – the largest integrated engineering solutions company in the United States – the company’s plan is to enter the European market through an acquisition plan that allows it to take advantage of opportunities in projects. of high technology with an investment close to 20,000 million dollars (18,800 million euros) in the continent.

Growth in high-tech sectors and the incorporation of new high-value-added services will allow Truner to increase its margins, reaching a pre-tax profit margin of more than 3.5% in 2026.

As for its Australian subsidiary, Cimic, it will continue to promote and support integration and closer collaboration between its different subsidiaries: UGL, Sedgman, Leighton Asia, Thiess and CPB Contractors.

Cimic’s plans foresee an increase in the weight of projects in new generation sectors, which in 2023 grew by more than 50% compared to the previous year.