This year it incorporates AI-based technology to avoid these problems


Airbnb has ensured that it has reduced incidents of unauthorized parties on New Year’s Eve in Spain by 92% since 2020, when it introduced measures to prevent them for the first time, it explained in a statement this Tuesday.

The platform has pointed out that this year it will reinforce the restrictions to avoid them with the incorporation of technology based on artificial intelligence (AI).

This patented technology “is being implemented in several countries and regions around the world”, including Spain, and automatically analyzes booking attempts for those dates, especially those for one, two and three nights in entire accommodations .

If it detects a risk of an unauthorized party, it blocks booking attempts, after analyzing “hundreds of signals” such as the duration of the trip, the distance between the accommodation and the guest’s location, the type of space selected and whether It is a last minute reservation, among others.

Airbnb’s Director of Trust and Safety, Naba Banerjee, explained that the platform focuses on using AI with an approach that allows “this technology to be implemented in a way that benefits” both hosts, guests and the environment. the accommodations.

The platform has explained that guests who may make reservations considered high risk “must confirm that they understand that Airbnb prohibits unauthorized parties” and that if they break the rule, they may be suspended or expelled.

In 2022, 8,050 users were blocked or redirected when trying to book accommodation for New Year’s Eve, of which 2,000 came from Madrid and Barcelona.