Airtificial’s shares rose almost 3.3% at the opening of the stock market, to 0.088 euros per share, after announcing yesterday its participation in the Canal del Dique megaproject in Colombia, the country’s first river navigation project, of which construction will be in charge of Sacyr.

In a consortium with two local companies, Airtificial’s civil works division will be responsible for directing the technical audit, the civil works engineering studies and designs necessary for the management of water flow and navigation of the river course.

The value of these works reaches 15 million euros, of which approximately 5 million euros will correspond to Airtificial.

The Canal del Dique is the first navigable fluvial infrastructure project in Colombia, exactly in the most important river in the country and in America, the Magdalena River, which covers 115 kilometers between the inland municipality of Calamar and the Bay of Cartagena de Indias.