It is now the Barreau du Québec’s turn to call for an action plan from Quebec in the face of the urgent needs of the judicial system.

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Thus, the Professional Order of Lawyers of the province considers that the calls from the various actors in the field constitute important signals as to a possible crisis of confidence in Quebec’s judicial institutions. This is why the Barreau believes that the provincial government must implement an action plan and make major investments in the justice system.

“The system has reached its limits. At the present time, there are very real risks of slippage or disruption of service that could cause significant harm to citizens and generate a lot of insecurity towards the judicial institutions, “said the president of Quebec, Me Catherine Claveau, by way of press release.

Already on Tuesday, the chief judge of the Superior Court of Quebec, Jacques Fournier, mentioned to the “Journal de Montréal” that the system was close to a break in service due to the shortage of manpower. He insisted on recalling that Quebec must find ways to make positions attractive in the provincial courts.

“It takes people who have good training, but they don’t come, lamented the chief judge. And as soon as there is a competition in the City [where the conditions are better], they leave. With the housing problems in Montreal, not many assistants can afford rent in the metropolis.

Faced with this alarm signal, the Bar offers the Minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, its full cooperation in order to develop a concrete action plan.

Possible solutions suggested by the Barreau du Québec