Surprise at the customs post between Germany and Switzerland: a 7-seater minivan was checked with 23 people, including 14 children on board, police said on Tuesday.

The Seat Alhambra vehicle that was carrying members of an “extended family” traveling from Poland to the Swiss capital, Bern, was arrested on Monday morning, according to a statement from German authorities.

“Twenty-three people got out of the car,” describes the police.

The passengers, including nine adults and 14 children, were checked at the Weil am Rhein border crossing in southwestern Germany.

The driver of the vehicle, who resides in Switzerland, can now “expect to receive a fine” for carrying so many passengers “without any guarantee of safety”, added the German police.

Once the administrative formalities were completed, the tribe was authorized to enter Switzerland, “but not all of them in the Seat Alhambra”, the police said.