This result includes the net effect of a lower expense for Corporate Tax, without which it would have reached 118.5 million, 5% more

Atresmedia recorded a net profit of 171.1 million euros in 2023, a figure 51.6% higher than in 2022, when its profits were close to 113 million euros, as reported this Thursday by the audiovisual and radio group. National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

This result, the company has specified, includes the net effect of a lower Corporate Tax expense of 52.5 million euros corresponding to the accounting of tax credits to be offset, whose recovery periods and amounts have been re-estimated as a result of the recent ruling by the Constitutional Court that overturned the Corporate Tax reform carried out by the PP Government in 2016.

Without this effect, the net profit for the year would have reached 118.5 million euros, 5% more than in 2022.

Atresmedia’s gross operating result (Ebitda) reached 173.1 million euros last year, 0.2% more than in 2022, while the net operating result (Ebit) remained stable at around 155 million euros.

Atresmedia’s net income totaled 971.4 million euros, with an increase of 2.2% over fiscal year 2022, after increasing its income from the radio business by 1.9%, to 77 million euros. , and increase those of its audiovisual division by 2.1%, up to 902.7 million euros.

In relation to the Audiovisual business, the company has detailed that it achieved net income of 902.8 million euros, compared to the 884.2 million euros obtained in 2022, which represents an increase of 2.1%. In addition, net advertising revenues in Audiovisual Content grew by 1.2%, reaching 783.8 million euros. These income include all advertising income from the commercialization of spaces in the media in which the Group intervenes (TVlineal, connected TV, Atresplayer, digital channels, influencer marketing, own websites and third-party editorial media).

For its part, income from content production and distribution reached 76.1 million euros, compared to 70.9 million euros the previous year, which represents a growth of 7.4% explained “mainly by sales of content, the B2C and B2B income of the SVOD platform Atresplayer and the Cinema business”, as highlighted by Atresmedia.

Other income, which mainly includes events, licenses, editorial rights and sales of the Waynabox travel platform (incorporated into the Group in March of this year), reached 43.6 million euros, compared to 39.9 million euros. euros of 2022.

Regarding the Radio business, the communication group has specified that it achieved net income of 77 million euros in 2023, compared to the 75.6 million euros obtained in the previous year, which represents a growth of 1.9%.

The Group’s net financial position was positive by 23.1 million euros, improving by 46.8 million compared to the end of December 2022, as reported by the media company.

In the month of June, a complementary dividend corresponding to the distribution of the results for fiscal year 2022 was distributed, at a rate of 0.22 euros per share in gross terms, a total of 49.5 million euros. In the month of December, an interim dividend was distributed against 2023 results, at a rate of 0.18 euros per share in gross terms, a total of 40.5 million euros.