The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will offset the tax on large fortunes with tax incentives to attract investment and encourage job creation.

This was stated in her speech in Desayunos Madrid by Europa Press when asked how the regional Executive will act if the national Government complies with its desire to make permanent this tax that Madrid took to court without success.

“In Madrid we will apply measures that can encourage investors to continue coming. Now there is an investor in every corner of the world who wants to come to Madrid,” insisted the regional leader, who has insisted on calling this tax that is “pure communism” He believes that it was done to “attack the heritage” of the region and was presented as an “ambush” with an amendment to another law.

He has also warned the central government that “going against Madrid is very difficult” because it will have to “attack many things.” He has vindicated the Community’s fiscal model, which he sees as “essential” because capital goes “where it will be better treated”, and has attacked the national Executive for choosing to “raise taxes in Madrid” to “balance” instead of strengthening “what works” in the rest of the autonomies.

Thus, he has announced that among the tax incentives that will be applied to compensate for this tax there will be deductions “especially” for those who “come with families” and that not only “wealthy” people arrive but also have the “capacity to create companies and jobs” at the same time. that “create roots.”

He also recalled that they want to apply deductions to investors in personal income tax for those who stay in Madrid for at least five years in search of “establishing themselves definitively.”