Making a sponge cake is currently almost 43% more expensive than a year ago, having a toast with bread and butter for breakfast has become 34% more expensive and making a potato omelette has risen 25% in a context marked by the impact of the war in Ukraine, which has caused food prices to skyrocket to a new record.

Specifically, the rate of food increased one point, to 15.4%, the highest since the beginning of the series, in January 1994. Particularly noteworthy is the increase in the price of legumes and vegetables, meat, and milk, cheese and eggs.

In the last year (October 2022 compared to the same month in 2021), what has risen the most in price has been liquid fuels (66.3%); other oils (58.9%); sugar (42.8%); flour and other cereals (37.8%), and butter (34.1%).

In addition, many other foods recorded double-digit increases in their prices, such as fresh legumes and vegetables (25.7%); eggs (25.5%); milk (25%); oils and fats (23.9%); cereals (22.1%); dairy products (19.9%); bread and beef (14.9% in both cases); legume and vegetable preparations (13.9%); fresh fruits (12.8%); other food preparations (12.4%); pork meat (12.3%); crustaceans, molluscs and fish preparations (12%); coffee, cocoa and infusions (11.9%), and fresh and frozen fish (11.2%).

In this scenario, making a cake is almost 43% more expensive than in October last year, taking into account that sugar costs 42.8% more and dairy products have risen 19.9%, while eggs have become 25.5% more expensive, oils and fats, 23.9%, butter, 34.1%, and flour and other cereals, 37.8%.

Likewise, making a toast with bread and butter is also more expensive than a year ago, since bread has increased its price by 14.9% and butter has skyrocketed by 34.1%, while the ingredients to prepare a Potato omelettes have also skyrocketed, with increases of 23.9% in the case of oils and fats, 25.5% for eggs and 19.9% ​​for potatoes.

Having a coffee is also more expensive than a year ago, since milk has risen in price by 25%, while coffee, cocoa and infusions have become more expensive by 11.9%.