BBVA and Endesa X Way, Endesa’s electric mobility business line, have signed an agreement to install 284 charging points for electric vehicles in the corporate buildings of the financial institution throughout Spain, although most will be concentrated in the headquarters in Madrid (known as ‘La Vela’), as reported by the company in a statement.

The entity’s headquarters in Madrid previously had six fast charging points (electrolineras) and until the end of this year up to 214 of these new positions will be installed.

The bank has registered some 330 employees with an electrified vehicle, who, in addition to being able to recharge their car, will have preference when requesting a parking space, the entity has detailed.

Other workplaces where Endesa X Way has also installed the new charging stations in Madrid are the Campus BBVA training center, the headquarters of the BBVA Foundation in the Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca or the Isla Sicilia and Tres Cantos centers, among others. .

“Before the end of the year, the centers in Las Palmas, Seville, Valladolid or Sabadell will also have charging stations,” added BBVA.

In line with this measure, framed in the decarbonization plan of the financial entity, the bank will renew its own fleet of cars for about 300 hybrid vehicles. Most of these are cars assigned to commercial profiles that need a vehicle to carry out their functions.

“To cover all charging needs outside the offices, through the Endesa X Way ‘app’, all employees will also have access to the Endesa X Way public charging service (…) which already has close than 4,000 points installed throughout Spain”, the company underlined.

On the other hand, both companies have a long-term energy supply agreement that guarantees that all the electricity consumed by the bank in Spain is of renewable origin.

“Companies have undertaken their own energy transition processes and this undoubtedly means focusing on the way their employees move. The electrification of fleets is an unstoppable process, but if we also make it easier for employees to charge in the office, we will also be helping them to move with zero emissions in their day-to-day, both outside and inside the office”, said the CEO of Endesa X Way, Elena Bernárdez.

Meanwhile, the global head of Real Estate and Services at BBVA, Desirée Granda, stressed that this initiative “promotes sustainability” among bank employees and “is aligned with future energy transition trends” given that “increasingly there are more plug-in vehicles.”