The price of bitcoin, the reference cryptocurrency, surpassed the threshold of 45,000 dollars (40,767 euros) boosted by the anticipated cycle change in monetary policy, as well as the expectation of the upcoming approval of a bitcoin ETF by part of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In this way, the price of bitcoin rose more than 6% to reach $45,630, the highest since April 2022, before the problems in May of that same year in the Luna token, linked to the UST stablecoin. , of the Terra protocol, triggered what was known as ‘crypto winter’, with a succession of bankruptcies and interventions, which culminated in November 2022 with the bankruptcy of FTX.

Likewise, the rally of the cryptocurrency, which has appreciated 21% since December 2023 and 174% in one year, reflects the announced turn in the monetary policy of the United States, after the Federal Reserve telegraphed its disposition in December to undertake several reductions in the price of money throughout 2024, which would be supported by other central banks.

On the other hand, the SEC is expected to rule in the coming days on the expected authorization of the launch of a bitcoin spot ETF, the deadline for which is set for next January 10.