The European Commission foresees a “hot fiscal summer” starting next June 19 with the presentation of the spring economic package, the date on which Brussels will send its reference fiscal trajectory to the capitals, which will serve as a guide for the national paths that The governments will present on September 20.

This was explained by the European Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, this Wednesday at a press conference, although he did not clarify whether the Commission will open files for excessive deficit this year for those countries that, like Spain, exceeded the 3% limit in the fiscal year 2023.

Gentiloni has confirmed that on June 19 Brussels will present a report for the eleven member states that recorded deficits above 3% in 2023 in which all the objectives that the Commission calls “relevant factors” will be evaluated, although it has avoided moving forward. details.

“I cannot now prejudge the conclusion of this report for any Member State, so we will have to wait a month,” said the Italian politician in relation to the application of the new EU fiscal rules, which will once again limit the deficit and the public debt of the governments of the 27 after four years frozen by the pandemic.

In this regard, Gentiloni stressed that when a process like this is resumed, “a lot of flexibility and trust” is needed and he confessed that he is happy to see that “the majority of Member States are working based on this perspective.”