the Discounter can make a further demonstration of how a food retailer of its customers to Fans. In our studies, “Fanfocus Germany” show for many years, that Aldi chains in comparison to the other supermarket is a very high Fan rate. That is to say: Aldi has very many customers who act like Fans: they are brand loyal and buy mainly and regularly at Aldi, recommend, and forgive mistakes. The Person

Roman Becker, managing partner of the market research and consulting company 2HMForum. He works in the area of Emotional customer and employee loyalty, and supervised for nearly 20 years, companies in the analysis and optimization of their relationship and brand management.

Efficient shopping experience

This is due to the fact that Aldi supports the core needs of its customers: It’s the Aldi customers to be able to quickly and at cheap prices, shopping. Therefore, all branches are built the same, therefore, the goods reception area is extremely short, therefore, the staff should be friendly and small talk with the customers, the time to steal. Everything is trimmed down to an efficient shopping experience.

Can keep Aldi profile?

So far So good. Aldi is but one other concern: The desires of consumers at grocery stores as a whole have changed in the course of the climate and sustainability debates and of course, thanks to the economic recovery: Bio – and regional products are on-Trend, brand-name products and quality will always demand more. Plastic avoidance is a big issue. According to studies, the sales growth is currently in the Full-range suppliers is greater than the discounters such as Aldi.

Aldi reacted to it, again and again: in addition to the Ombia-Aldi own brand is now in the hand creams are also a lot of Nivea, Nutoka shares the shelf with Nutella. Wherever you look, you well-known brand products, Duplo, Iglo-Blubb-spinach, Persil and of course Sheba is the Best for the kitten.

fruit and vegetables promise, thanks to the light effects even more Freshness, the baking machine is soft to the concept of “My back of the world” – and Aldi runs after the danger, experts argue, to lose its profile. And so the question is often put: What Aldi is different from the Full-range suppliers such as Edeka and Rewe?

The ACE in the hole

The answer is clear: The price-the Image is shape of Aldi for a long time. Even if the Discounter can no longer play his trump card lens, due to additional costs incurred for a feel-good atmosphere and brand of the world, as in the past, will be enshrined the Image of “cheap” still deep in the minds of the customers. Aldi has but from the point of view of the Fan-principle, still an ACE in the Sleeve, and this is our Conviction – continue to consistently orchestrate: Current and potential Aldi customers want the same – perhaps more than ever – a quick, efficient shopping experience. In this hectic world where time is scarce, do not want to buy the German hours food.

the need for speed. Aldi has mastered this perfectly: from the clear Paths, the always-same building, still manageable range compared to the Full-range suppliers with 12 different pasta brands, and, of course, the efficient cashier. Without a doubt, is the cash-a particularly relevant point of contact when it comes to the focus to satisfy the Central need of “fast”. Here, employees have to conduct and process optimization votes, which will enable Aldi to serve twice as many customers at the cash register as the full range. How do they do that?

friendliness? Wrong!

Maybe you’ve already noticed it? The cashiers at Aldi are binding, greet and smile briefly, but not particularly friendly, they are not. Why? In the wind, scanning the goods. Not only the older ladies and gentlemen often struggle to keep up with the pace and the car to do just as quickly Give in to the shopping. Room for discussion is not here. Good, because the next customer in the queue, want to get out of here, Yes, “only” fast. The conscious “no” to the exuberant friendliness is at Aldi is also a conscious “no” to customers who would like to change to the cashier about the weather, recent holidays, or fully up to date on Corona chat.

Also, for those who collect likes until after the Pay for their Goods from the opulent collection troughs at Edeka or Rewe and in the comfort of your purchases – on order – in the car store is Aldi is the right Shop. Quick Clean up is required here, waiting time is Aldi-compliant. The experience also shows that No other discounters responded so quickly to potential crowds at the cash registers with the Opening of new funds such as Aldi. The staff are specifically prepared by the training to the needs of the customers quickly at a glance. And show – in spite of the polite distance at the cashier – a high Motivation and a high sense of belonging to your company.

for more than 20 years of Fan research, we know: in order for Aldi in the future its customers to Fans – and thus successful, it must play to its strengths “fast,” even more. The decades-long embossed Image of “affordable” will also contribute to the success, even if de facto is everything at Aldi cheap.

Aldi and Wendlers “EGAAAL”

by the Way: Aldi advertising is technically just on the medial “Wendler wave” wants to swim and the singer and his Song “EGAAAL” with the “Take-2-candy”bag, mocks, past aims very clearly on the customer’s interest. Maybe there would be, with a view to the Corona-hysteria and the Aldi action week with disinfectant products – the Song “Only time for a short (and fast) to save the world” have been a better choice.

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