Coronavirus requires, the summer will be more than ever the belgian this year ! A reality very quickly approached by Pauline Burgraff. Consultant in strategy in a business of brussels, this young woman from Paliseul, province of Luxembourg, has decided to embark on the creation of an ebook tourism. His name ? “Fold bag “. “The goal of this project is to introduce people to the hidden treasures in our country,” explains Pauline Bugraff, ” Towards the end of the confinement, I told myself that we would all want to do original things in Belgium this summer since we will not be able to specifically travel abroad. This is why my first issue, which focuses on the province of Luxembourg, the aim is to list restaurants, accommodations, as well as unusual activities to do to discover and rediscover our province. My ebook takes obviously essential as Rochehaut, Durbuy, or Broth, but I put myself as a point of always retain a touch of originality to avoid falling into the pitfalls of the classic tourist guides “.

get off the beaten track

addresses unusual, for a format that also comes out of the ordinary. “Fold bag” is in fact only available online, is a willingness of the young woman of 25 years old : “My target audience was to base the generation Y. This ebook format is therefore appropriate to wonder to people of my age. At a practical level, both the development line that the sale were made much more easily thanks to the internet. It is a format for living that gives me a lot more freedom. For example, when I will have new references to integrate in my ebook, I will be able to perform updates and then send them for free to people who have already bought it. This is something that you can’t get with the paper.”