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BEIJING, April 25, 2024/PRNewswire/ — At Auto China 2024, CATL (SZ.300750) introduced Shenxing PLUS, the world’s first LFP battery that achieves a range of more than 1,000 kilometers with 4C ultra-fast charging. Eight months after the launch of Shenxing ultra-fast charging battery in August 2023, CATL has once again pushed the boundaries of LFP battery technology, ushering in the era of ultra-fast charging for the entire industry.

Super long range of 1,000 km ensures worry-free travel

The Shenxing PLUS battery provides users with a very long-range driving experience, exceeding 1,000 kilometers, which means a trip from Beijing to Nanjing without recharging on the road. This allows new energy vehicles to not only meet the travel needs in urban areas, but also adapt to long-distance inter-provincial travel.

The purely electric range of 1,000 kilometers is the result of continuous technological advances. The cathode of Shenxing PLUS is manufactured with granular gradation technology, which places each nanometer particle in the optimal position to achieve ultra-high compact density. Proprietary 3D honeycomb material is added to the anode, increasing energy density while effectively controlling volume expansion during charge and discharge cycles. The one-piece housing, which is an industry first, optimizes the utilization of internal space, allowing Shenxing PLUS cells to achieve an unprecedented level of energy density.

At the system level, the Shenxing PLUS battery pack has an optimized topological structure on module-free CTP 3.0 technology, which improves packaging efficiency by 7%. Through advances in materials and structure, the energy density of Shenxing’s battery system exceeds the 200 Wh/kg threshold for the first time, reaching 205 Wh/kg, making ranges of more than 1,000 kilometers a reality.

The fastest charge offers 600 km with a 10-minute charge

In addition to offering long range, Shenxing PLUS also charges fast. It can offer a range of 600 km in just 10 minutes of charging, far exceeding the usual batteries available on the market and achieving a true ultra-fast charging speed of one kilometer per second.

To achieve a leap in charging speed, Shenxing PLUS applies technologies including lithium-ion fast conductive coating, the addition of transition metal elements, and new nanometer encapsulation, resulting in smoother and more efficient power transmission. between the cathode and anode materials. CATL has expanded the overcurrent area and terminal capacity of the battery system to quickly dissipate heat during high current charging. In terms of core BMS algorithms, CATL’s newly developed AI bias model can predict and control charging current in real time, enabling faster and smarter power replenishment.

Ultra-fast charging batteries and grid services create a closed-loop ecosystem

In addition to the exceptional new batteries, CATL has also started the construction of the Shenxing ultra-fast charging network to build the largest ultra-fast charging service platform in China. CATL is collaborating with industry-leading partners such as Star Charge, YKC and Shudao New Energy to provide the most convenient and cost-effective mobility experience for more car owners powered by Shenxing ultra-fast charging batteries.

In addition, CATL plans to launch the industry’s first Shenxing ultra-fast charging vehicle owners club, which will operate more than 600 service points covering 271 prefecture-level cities in 31 provincial-level regions. It will provide Shenxing vehicle owners with road rescue, battery inspection and maintenance and other services.

In its journey of continuously expanding scientific frontiers and the ultimate pursuit of a better life, CATL is ushering in an era of ultra-fast charging for new energy vehicles with a closed-loop supercharging ecosystem through the integration of battery, grid , platform and ultra-fast charging services.

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