– Geekvape held an online technical seminar to explore the technologies used in the electronic cigarette

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On November 10, 2022, Geekvape, one of the world’s top vapor brands, and oneshot media, a well-known French media outlet, jointly hosted an online seminar on e-cigarette technology with the theme “Jumping Beyond” to explore new trends in advancing e-cigarette technology.

The seminar invited industry experts to discuss “technological progress and innovation in the industry” based on four themes: user concerns, structural design of atomizers, battery cells and chips, and future development. Here is the link: https://fb.me/e/2UXBV9XpX

According to Potti, Marketing Director at Geekvape, most users experience oil leaks for various reasons. Frame design can have a substantial effect on the performance of vaping devices. In order to offer better answers, the seminar connected with the Geekvape Shenzhen Laboratory on site. It has been proven through simulation test experiments that the airflow design of the upper and lower structures is smooth and their air resistance is identical. However, the top airflow structure has higher thermal efficiency, allowing it to more completely and effectively evaporate the liquid, resulting in higher cloudiness and better flavor. In addition, its structural design contributes significantly to preventing leaks.

As the seminar discussion climaxed, industry insiders agreed that the vaping device was a whole, and that the atomizer played an important role because it determined flavor performance. The chips and battery cells influence you to get the same flavor over time.

The site reconnected with Geekvape’s product testing lab to examine how improved battery cells and chips affect the user experience. The tester explained that the output voltage of the product had a direct impact on the atomization of the nicotine oil as well as the taste. Consequently, the level and consistency of the output voltage are crucial. Comparing the output voltage of various products with the same atomizing core resistance value, it is shown that the output stability of Geekvape device is superior to that of the competition and the whole device is more reliable. Geekvape devices are also exceptionally competitive in terms of chip output control when using the same battery cell.

Impacted by numerous elements, such as product form, user demand, standards and regulations, the industry must continually innovate and introduce new technology, according to John Dunne, CEO of the UK Vaping Industry Association. United. As a company at the forefront of the industrial chain, Geekvape has accumulated technology over a long period of time, which gives it the ability to withstand global development and respond to market changes.

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