SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar will kick off on November 21, with its final phase taking place at Lusail Stadium, the largest in Qatar.

With the popularity of LED technology, the LED screen and screen control system have become the standard equipment of many international sports venues. As the representative of intelligent LED manufacturing in China, Unilumin and the famous international company Daktronics have jointly supplied LED displays for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Among them, the large LED scoring screens manufactured by Unilumin will illuminate the soccer field.

Qatar has a high temperature and strong sunlight intensity, which requires the LED screens used in this World Cup to have better heat dissipation, higher brightness and other outstanding features. In order to provide a better viewing experience for all fans around the world, Unilumin’s technical team has customized the case design and applied a specific module skin, driver IC and chip, which can improve the efficiency of heat dissipation by more than 50%. The brightness has also been greatly improved, which can not only ensure the long-term stable operation of the screens, but also ensure clear display under strong light, so that the audience of all positions can enjoy the game.

In addition, Unilumin’s LED display terminals are equipped with its self-developed operation and maintenance and display control platform that realizes intelligent remote control of playback, broadcast and interaction during the event. As an important interactive medium for disseminating information and interacting with the public, it will be the star of the Lusail Stadium.

Following the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the FIBA ​​Men’s European Basketball Cup and other major sporting events, Unilumin has once again made its self-developed high-tech products an indispensable part of major international sporting events with its high-quality product design, product customization, on-site technical guidance and after-sales services.


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