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An Audi social and educational initiative that promotes creativity and innovation among adolescents and supports emerging talent in Spain. More than 2,500 teams and 7,500 ESO, Baccalaureate and CFGM students have participated in its seven previous editions

The Audi Creativity Challenge, the social and educational initiative of Audi Spain, launches the call to participate in its eighth edition, which will coincide with the 2022-2023 school year. How to innovate in the social field to improve the well-being of people and his or her environment? is the challenge to which the teams participating in this new edition will have to propose solutions. On this occasion, the Audi Creativity Challenge seeks disruptive ideas that are transformed into projects to promote social values ​​and respond to current questions such as recycling and responsible consumption, food and energy poverty of many families, the pollution of the seas, the social or labor inclusion of people with multiple abilities, the quality of life of the elderly, respect for diversity, gender violence or bullying or the battle against climate change. Audi Creativity Challenge bets in this new edition on a challenge that helps to generate awareness among the youngest. Through creativity and social innovation, their involvement is sought so that they provide solutions to all these social demands and improve the quality of life of people and the environment. Open registration Educational centers or anyone interested in registering teams can now formalize their registration at www.audicrea.com, the digital platform through which they will learn how a creative process is developed through the Lombard Method of creativity and disruptive innovation. Both registration and participation are completely free. The Audi Creativity Challenge will select the 10 best proposals among the registered teams that have passed the five phases of this competition, which will compete in a grand final next June. The winner will enjoy a unique experience: a stay in Silicon Valley during the month of July 2023 to take an exclusive course on creativity and social innovation at the Imagine Creativity Center, where they will also be able to develop their winning project in depth with the support of renowned mentors .In the cradle of global innovation and technology, the winning team will also have the opportunity to visit leading companies such as Google, Apple, Netflix or Instagram, where they will receive input from their experts.About the Audi Creativity Challenge The Audi Creativity Challenge is an initiative social and educational program of Audi Spain, which seeks to enhance the value of creative ideas initiatives, encourage innovative attitudes and support the talent of young Spaniards. This initiative promotes a culture of effort, a collaborative spirit and competitiveness based on team values.

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