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Luck smiles again in Alaquàs with the Christmas lottery draw. The Castillo lottery administration once again distributes fortune, with the numbers 86007 and 88979, with each holder of a winning tenth taking home a prize of 60,000 euros. This establishment now has a total of 20 major awards in its 13 years of history, consolidating itself as a true talisman for its customers.

Alaquàs, December 22, 2023.- Luck has smiled on Alaquàs again with the 2023 Christmas Lottery held today, December 22, having distributed part of the Fifth prizes. The well-known Lotería Castillo establishment has been, once again, the creator of joy for the lucky ones in the Christmas draw. On this occasion, the winning numbers were 86007 and 88979, both recipients of the Fifth Prize, providing each holder of a winning tenth prize with the sum of 60,000 euros. Lotería Castillo is an administration that has already earned a place in the chronicle of the Spanish lottery. Over the last 13 years it has distributed 19 jackpot prizes, including the Christmas Jackpot, establishing itself as a reference place for raffle fans. At the moment, the identity of the winners of the prizes awarded in Alaquàs and the reactions of the lucky ones are unknown. However, the administration has launched its usual celebration ritual with the uncorking of bottles of champagne to celebrate the awards awarded. Those in charge of the administration of the Castillo Lottery have expressed their joy after the draw: “very happy to once again distribute some of the Christmas jackpots,” they declared. This comment reflects the spirit of the entity, known for its fortune in recent years in which it has had the good fortune to distribute several awards. In a preview provided for publication, the long list of fortunate years for the establishment has been reviewed. Among them, 2022 stands out, in which they distributed El Gordo de Navidad and a Fifth prize; 2020 and 2021 with a Fifth and a Fourth prize, respectively; 2019 with a third and fifth prize; and in 2017 with a second prize and three fifth prizes. Without a doubt, an administration that attracts fortune and makes Alaquàs smile with the shower of prizes from the Christmas lottery. Issuer: Lotería Castillo

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