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The SafeBrok Mastercard Gold credit card is the new commitment of the insurance company to meet the demand of its customers in terms of insurance, as well as to offer them a varied portfolio of highly competitive products

The SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card offers numerous advantages, high flexibility and additional benefits such as: No annual fees forever You will receive the Safebrok Mastercard Gold card fully operational, with all insurance included and without annual fees permanently. No fees for withdrawing money in cash around the world You can withdraw money at more than 1 million ATMs around the world without paying a commission and travel with total flexibility. Full travel insurance The SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card includes full coverage travel insurance. commissions for using it abroad With the SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card you will not have to pay commissions when buying at the more than 36 million acceptance points around the world. Pay interest-free for purchases with a term of up to 7 weeks Possibility of deferred payment The SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card offers the flexible installment payment option so that they can become a reality Dreams. Once the invoice is received, you can decide how much you want to pay per month and how much later. Without changing banks You can benefit from the advantages of the SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card without having to change banks. Total security guaranteed The SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card is equipped with the latest security technologies. In this way, purchases can be made with complete peace of mind. Always at the service of users Any day and at any time, by mail or toll-free telephone. How can I get the SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card? It’s very easy, you just have to follow these steps and in just over a week you will receive the new revolving credit card. 1. Apply for the card at the following link: https://safebrok. Tarjetaoro.es/. After registering, check the email inbox where you will receive an email with the confirmation of your application. 2. Preactivation. In a short time you will receive a new email with the pre-activation of the card. Click on the text that will be found within the email to attach the DNI and the signed contract of your SafeBrok Mastercard Oro.3. Application completed. The card will arrive by mail to the address indicated on the application. In addition, in the next few days you will receive a postal mail with the PIN code. From the first moment you can start using the card with a limit of €150 in installments of a maximum of €50.4. Download the Advanzia app once the SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card has been validated and obtain credit control, operations, transfers and much more. With this launch, the insurance firm hopes to continue consolidating its position in the sector and achieve a greater market share . This product thus complements the wide range of services that the company sells. From SafeBrok they hope that this lever will help to reach new customers who requested a product like this and retain the existing ones, offering them new means for managing their finances and putting at their disposal a team of specialized agents to offer comprehensive advice without insurance commissions. SafeBrok Seguros is an insurance brokerage that works with the main companies in the sector specializing in different categories, in line with a comprehensive insurance advisory service with competitive coverage for professional groups, individuals and/or companies. Issuance of the card is another proof of the commitment to customers, of listening to their needs and making their requests a reality, providing solutions and tools that make their day-to-day life easier.*The SafeBrok Mastercard Gold card is a Mastercard revolving credit card of Advanzia Bank offered by SafeBrok Consulting Correduría de Seguros S.L. For more information about the conditions, consult the following link: https://safebrok. Tarjetaoro.es/.**Nominal annual interest rate applicable to deferred payment: 19.92% (APR 21.84%). As a representative example, deferring an amount of €1,500 (withdraw in full on the first day), with a repayment period of 4 years, in 47 monthly installments of €45.58 and a final installment of €45.70, with the total amount owed at the end of this period (capital interest) of €2,187.96. This example does not foresee new dispositions made with the card, defaults in payments or modifications in the agreed contractual conditions.

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