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The María Nebrera School will be Vergy’s first School Energy Community. The company from Granada is starting this ambitious project that will power any home or business that is up to a kilometer away. This first phase will have a power of 115 kW. The school will enjoy 15 kW and the rest will be distributed among neighbors and businesses in the area

Educating in sustainability is one of the training challenges of the future. The energy market is in the process of transformation, not only because of the economic problems it is generating, but also because of sustainability. Schools hold the key to accelerating change.

The case of the María Nebrera School is an example of this commitment to an energy model for the future. Vergy began at the end of last October to install solar panels that will give rise to a new energy community with an epicenter in this school institution.

What does the school gain by betting on solar energy?

The María Nebrera School not only generates environmental value by betting on clean solar energy, but also economic benefit. By creating this energy community, you will be able to reduce energy costs.

The initiative is in a first phase in which 115 kW will be generated. The school will keep 15 kW and the rest will be distributed to neighbors who are part of the energy community. The school has wanted to give entry priority to the users of the center and its teachers.

Depending on the success of the project, the school has the possibility to expand these 115 kW.

Maria Nebrera energy community

To be part of the energy community formed around the María Nebrera School, it is essential to be one kilometer or less from the center. Priority access is given to school teachers and families of boys and girls from the center, and it is now open to the rest of the residents and businesses in the area interested in enjoying solar energy.

For Vergy, not only is the success of the initiative important, but also creating links with the community and making them feel proud of their decision.

How does it work?

The María Nebrera School is installing solar panels to set up an Energy Community. Initially, it will only need about 10% of the energy generated, so 90% will be distributed among the rest of the energy community.

Businesses and homes in the area, always one kilometer or less from the educational center, will be able to benefit from solar energy. They will do so thanks to the Vergy Power Boxes, available to rent or own.

Once the Energy Community is up and running, Vergy will accompany it permanently and give it maintenance, fixing possible breakdowns and unforeseen events. This attention is added to the previous work, advising the school and families on everything they have needed and implementing the project.

Vergy’s idea is that, with a roof every kilometer, clean energy can be offered to an entire country.

Educate on solar energy

All together we can educate in change. It is essential to build a clean and sustainable future that the smallest of the house grow in these values. Both the family and the schools are vital to make children see renewables as the most sensible option to generate energy.

About Vergy

Vergy (www.vergy.es) is a company dedicated to the development and management of Energy Communities. To do this, it promotes projects that enable the arrival of solar energy to all people, regardless of technical or economic limitations, with the aim of guaranteeing a fairer and more sustainable energy future for all.


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