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Madrid, March 6, 2023.- Vitaldent, a pioneer company in the dental health sector, has presented the second edition of the Vitaldent Dental Summit, an annual convention in which advances and new trends in the oral sector have been shown. This year’s meeting has brought together more than 400 dental assistants who collaborate with Vitaldent and has had a presentation by five renowned doctors, in charge of exposing, among other things, the advances in dental autotransplantation, the importance of multidisciplinary treatment planning and the role of digital flow in treatment planning.

The inauguration of the event, held in Madrid, was attended by Javier Martín Ocaña, CEO of DONTE GROUP, and Dr. Clara Esteban Escobar, medical director of the group. During the day, different presentations by renowned invited professionals took place. Dr. Francesc Abella, an expert dentist in endodontics, restorative and aesthetic dentistry, director of the European Master’s Degree in Endodontics at the UIC and secretary of the Spanish Society of Conservative Dentistry, presented the “Minimally invasive alternatives to implants: dental autotransplantation, surgical extrusion and intentional reimplantation”, where he shared success stories and talked about how digital planning, 3D replicas or guided splints help to be more precise and reduce the extraoral time of the donor tooth.

The presentation by Dr. Iván Malagón, a dentist specializing in orthodontics, orthopedics and maxillomandibular orthognathic surgery and member of the Spark system development committee, a pioneer in Spain and Portugal, discussed biomechanics with Spark aligners and multidisciplinary planning, highlighting the correct proportions that are achieved using this innovative system to achieve predictable, harmonious and long-lasting results.

For his part, Dr. Ramón Mompell, member of the research team of the Department of Orthodontics and Orthopedics at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Forsyth Institute of Harvard University (HU), and founder and clinical director of The Digital MARPE Association, demonstrated through clinical cases how the orthodontist can have absolute control over the diagnosis and treatment plans in aligner therapy, both for dental and orthopedic corrections.

During the conference, the current challenge faced by patients who want a fixed prosthetic rehabilitation and who face long, expensive and painful bone grafting procedures was also discussed. Faced with this, Dr. Armando Lopes, a dentist specializing in oral surgery and rehabilitation with implants and Medical Director of the MALO CLINIC in Lisbon, explained how the application of solutions without grafts has drastically improved the acceptance rate of patients, specifically with the All-on-4 treatment concept, which provides an advantageous denture solution for totally edentulous patients or those with dentition problems.

The closing ceremony was given by Dr. César Colmenero, recognized as one of the most prestigious maxillofacial surgeons and otorhinolaryngologists in Spain and head of the Maxillofacial Surgery service at Hospital Ruber Internacional and Hospital Nuestra Señora de América in Madrid, who During his presentation, he explained facial aesthetics and orthognathic surgery as another relevant specialty in the sector.

“During the Vitaldent Dental Summit we have been able to learn about the latest news and trends in the sector, from the best doctors in dentistry. These types of congresses are a clear commitment to innovation, talent and knowledge of the oral sector in Spain and of each of the professionals that are part of it, a clear reflection of our commitment to continue offering the best assistance and treatments. most innovative”, explained Dr. Clara Esteban, medical director of DONTE GROUP

The event was attended by Julio Agredano, President of the Stroke Stop Foundation, who highlighted the role he is carrying out as an ambassador against this disease.

The congress has been supported by the sponsorship of renowned companies in the sector such as Proclinic, Nobel Biocare, Dentsplay Sirona, IPD, Esproden, Henry Schein, Ivoclar, Ormco, Align, Phibo, Straumann Group, Cimbis and 3M.

About Vitaldent

With 33 years of activity in the market, Vitaldent is currently the leading company in the Spanish market in the dental health sector. Vitaldent clinics provide a comprehensive diagnosis to their patients, taking care of oral health with innovative treatments and high-quality care. Vitaldent’s mission is to make quality dentistry accessible to society with the most advanced technology, the best treatments and professionals with proven experience. The Oral Health group has achieved the Best Service of the Year seal in the category of dental clinics awarded by Trade of the Year in 2022 thanks to the assessment of almost 4,000 Vitaldent patients who have revealed that the satisfaction rate of those surveyed stands at a 9.3 out of 10. Vitaldent has the GPTW certification, a seal that accredits it as a Great Place to Work.


DONTE GROUP is the first Spanish oral care group created with the purpose of improving dentistry, society and the planet, making oral health care accessible to everyone, especially those who need it most. The group includes the Moonz, Smysecret, Vitaldent and MAEX brands and has a staff of more than 4,500 professionals and more than 2,300 collaborating dentists distributed among its nearly 400 centers in Spain and at its London clinic, where they have treated more than of 8 million patients. DONTE GROUP is backed as majority shareholder by Advent International, one of the largest and most experienced private equity firms in the world.


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