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Barcelona, ​​February 24, 2023.

After 2 months of waiting, the TOP 1 in sales of the Wiohair brand is once again available to strengthen the hair, revitalize it and prevent breakage with all the essential vitamins for the hair. All this in a delicious fruit-of-the-forest flavored gummy

The WIOHAIR brand has become one of the leading brands in the cosmetic and anti-hair loss sector, and this has been previously recognized by the exclusive “El Suplemento” awards, published by El País.In November 2021 Wiohair, a Spanish health company hair, presented its new revolutionary product: hair vitamins in gummy format. In just 1 year, the success has been total since they have become the number 1 in sales of the brand, generating great satisfaction and results among their customers.¿ Why has this multivitamin been so successful? More than 80% of the Spanish population is deficient in some essential vitamin. This at the capillary level translates into weak and brittle hair, with little life, strength and shine. On a day-to-day basis, providing the necessary nutrients for the hair through diet is a difficult task and it is for this reason that Wiohair offers through some delicious berry flavored gummies all the vitamins that hair needs to obtain the vitality and strength it needs. Wiohair gummies have more than 8 vitamins, including biotin and folic acid A very complete formula with Vitamin A, D2, E, C, B5, B6, B7 (biotin), B12, B9 (folic acid) and Iodine is responsible for strengthening the hair follicles from within, reinforcing each hair and obtaining a hair full of life.• Biotin (B7): favors hair growth.• Vitamins C and D: help to keep hair healthy and without loss.• Vitamins B5, B6 and B12: provide strength, shine and volume.• Vitamins A and E: renew skin cells from stress oxidative. • Folic acid (B9): provides strength and resistance• Iodine: repairs damaged hair tissueThe comfort of taking hair vitamin gummies, key to hair health The comfort of ingesting vitamins in a pleasant and fun format such as gummies have been the key to revolutionizing thousands of hair Spanish. Wiohair relaunched this February, after running out of stock due to the great demand for these, the gummies that help boost both hair growth, its strength as well as its beauty. Discover more about this relaunch at wiohair. com

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