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RTVA Canal Sur, FYCMA, Campus 42, Ayesa and the Marbella City Council, distinguished entities in their respective categories. Eduardo Márquez Espinos and Juan Luis Cruz Navarro, recognized as senior engineer and engineer of the year, respectively. The awards have been presented within the framework of the XIV edition of Foro Telecos Andalucía, organized by the professional group of telecommunications technical engineering

Foro Telecos Andalucía 2022, a reference meeting for the Andalusian telecommunications sector, brought together more than two hundred professionals and agents from the technological, regional and national fields on Friday, November 11 at the Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga. The link and the link, organize this event with the aim of generating synergies and promoting digital transformation as a socioeconomic engine of Andalusia.

Foro Telecos Andalucía has celebrated its fourteenth edition, fulfilling the mission of fostering talent, valuing telecommunications professionals, giving visibility to progress and achievements in the region, and positioning this group as a benchmark in the current digitization process.

The event was attended by, among other authorities, Mario Cortés, Dean of COITT, Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of the Malaga City Council, Susana Carillo, 1st Deputy Mayor of the Malaga City Council, and Antonio Sanz, Minister of the Presidency , Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification.

At this meeting, the director expressed his satisfaction at participating in this forum and congratulated all the winners of the Ingenio Awards. Sanz has highlighted the extraordinary work of technical telecommunications engineers and has guaranteed them that in the Andalusian Government they have an “ally who supports them and who wants to maintain fluid collaboration” with the sector. “You are essential for the development and future of Andalusia”, he assured. Proof of this commitment to Andalusian engineers, the minister underlined, is that now the Andalusian Official Association of Technical Telecommunications Engineers (COITTA) is present in administrative bodies as important as the Advisory Council of the Digital Agency of Andalusia or in the Table for self-consumption in Andalusia (Andalusian Energy Agency).

In his speech, the dean of COITTA, Pedro Córdoba, reviewed the main milestones and strategic lines developed by the entity. “It is the commitment of the school to promote digitization, and take advantage of the opportunities offered by European funds for professionals and for the development of Andalusia. Aid in which telecommunications play a backbone role, in this common project that involves companies, citizens and Public Administration”.

For his part, Antonio Rodas, president of the AAGIT, closed the day by congratulating the winners of the Ingenio 2022 Awards, a sample of the innovative potential in Andalusia. “It is the objective of this group to continue contributing its knowledge and know-how to the promotion of a more digital, egalitarian and sustainable society. It is a source of pride to have people with such talent, who with their work contribute to placing Andalusia at the forefront of technology, and make the much-desired digital transformation possible, as an engine of economic development and competitiveness”.

INGENIO 2022 AWARDS The Ingenio 2022 Awards were presented at the Andalusian Telecos Forum. Distinctions with which the COITTA/AAGIT recognizes innovation, both in companies and institutions as well as Andalusian engineers, and rewards their professional career , its social, informative and business work.

• INGENIO BEST PUBLIC INITIATIVE 2022: RTVA-CanalSur Más, for the OTT platform CanalSur Más, in which the latest technology is used to carry out the digital transformation process, which public television channels have to face in order to optimize processes internal.

• INGENIUM COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY DISSEMINATION 2022: Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA), for the organization of technological events. A space that leads the organization of congresses around technology in Andalusia, being a meeting point for dissemination and a benchmark for technology companies and international specialists.

• INTELLIGENT CITY INGENUITY 2022. Hon. Marbella City Council, for the implementation of video surveillance systems. The Hon. Marbella City Council has been betting since 2018 on an investment plan for the modernization and digitization of the city. A plan that includes telecommunications infrastructure and support for the deployment of technological projects, among which fiber optics and the application of pioneering technologies linked to increasing citizen security have stood out in 2022, with the installation of more than 150 cameras in the municipality.

• INGENIUM BEST COLLABORATIVE PROJECT 2022: Campus 42-Fundación Telefónica, for its innovation in the way of teaching and promoting the training of digital skills and competencies demanded by companies and the labor market, helping Andalusia to become a hub of professionals digital.

• SENIOR INGENUITY. Eduardo Márquez Espinos, for his extensive and intense professional career in the world of information and communication technologies. A brilliant career in which he has combined free exercise with consulting and entrepreneurship in the field of telecommunications.

• INGENUOUS ENGINEER OF THE YEAR. Juan Luis Cruz Navarro, for his contribution as a Telecommunications Technical Engineer, to this professional group and to the promotion of innovation and the digital transformation of Andalusian society. With extensive experience – as a professional and entrepreneur – in the direction of public and private projects that link the observation of trends with the commitment to social progress, he has been dean of the College of Technical Telecommunications Engineers in Andalusia (COITTA) for almost ten years. Since December 2020, he has been the general director of the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium – dependent on the Digital Agency of Andalusia – from where he leads the design and deployment of the digital transformation strategy for towns and neighborhoods in Andalusia.

This edition has been made possible thanks to the support of the following entities: Junta de Andalucía, Magtel, Huawei, Allied Telesis, Telefónica Empresas, and Innovasur. And the collaboration of Motorola Solutions, Check Point, Cellenex, Netskope, Engineers Box, Orange, Avigilon, IaaS365, IConsulting365, Soltel, Hydralia, and Televes.

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