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Girona City Council, where FCC Environment has been continuously present since 1987, has awarded the contract for street cleaning, urban solid waste collection and clean points in the city to the Sanejament Girona Joint Venture, led by FCC Environment. The portfolio of the contract amounts to almost 153 million euros for the next 8 years

The entire fleet of contract vehicles will have the Zero Emissions or ECO environmental label, with more than 50% being electric and the rest compressed natural gas (CNG), and it will also be guaranteed that the energy supply comes from renewable energy sources, both for the central park as well as for the auxiliary cleaning work centers. This highlights the commitment of the Girona City Council to the fight against climate change and the sustainability of its urban services. One of the singularities of this contract is the implementation in 70% of the city of closed smart container areas , each made up of two containers (one multi-fraction for packaging, paper, glass and the rest, and another for FORM) in addition to a small container for diapers and sanitary napkins, extending the pilot test started in 2019. Due to its nature pioneer, this type of system has been baptized in Catalonia as “Model Girona”. The total workforce assigned to the contract amounts to 165 people with the forecast of incorporating 50 new workers with a variable percentage of working hours. To serve the more than 100,000 inhabitants and collect around 37,000 tons of waste per year from the municipality, the contract has nearly 50 waste collection teams. The city’s commitment to continuous improvement is visible in the implementation of three different collection models: door-to-door, through closed containers in smart container areas, and through mobile platforms for the “Barri Vell”. Thanks to the implementation of these three models, Girona received in 2022 the “Golden Broom” recognition awarded by ATEGRUS. The smart containers have an electronic closure and fill sensors, and are associated with dynamic collection routes based on their fill. It should be noted that all waste will be weighed at the time of collection regardless of the collection model applied. As for the street cleaning service, which covers approximately 375 kilometers of streets and 2.8 million m2, it has about 60 workers and more than 40 vehicles. A work plan has been designed adjusting the intensity of the cleaning based on the degree of dirtiness of the street, the cleaning sectors of the city will be increased by reducing the current footage, the washing service will be carried out for the entire city and Service will be provided seven days a week in the busiest areas of the city. Four workers will be employed for the clean point service and a scale will be incorporated in order to more rigorously apply the municipal ordinances on waste. Likewise, the number of mobile clean points with service from Monday to Friday will be increased, which covers the 30 neighborhoods of the city, and environmental educators will be incorporated in each of the different clean points, both fixed and mobile. For optimal management technology of the services, the VISION platform will be promoted, a platform developed exclusively by FCC Environment and that allows the control, monitoring and optimization of the works and makes possible the interaction in real time with the requests of the neighbors, already implanted in the service from the city. In addition, it will be linked to other external platforms for specific services. It is worth noting the hiring of environmental technicians for the communication offices and clean points, as well as the active participation of the UTE in the awareness campaigns promoted by the Girona City Council. Sustainability of this contract is also manifested in the social sphere, in addition to the environmental aspects, since the agreed furniture collection services have been subcontracted to the special employment center “Tècniques i Recuperacions del Gironès SL” (TIRGI). In addition, people with particular difficulties in entering the labor market have been hired, through the responsible hiring protocol of the Girona City Council, up to 5% of the total workforce, and three jobs have been reserved for victims of gender-based violence. FCC Environment is the FCC Group company that, for more than 120 years, has provided municipal services and comprehensive waste management, serving more than 60 million people in 5,200 municipalities . It carries out a wide variety of activities for citizens, such as comprehensive waste management, street cleaning, maintenance of green areas or energy efficiency services, among others.

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