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(Zaragoza, January 11, 2024.-) Competitions are the selection and job competition processes most sought after by professionals in Spain. The reason for this is that they facilitate access to jobs in the public administration, which provide job stability and a permanent position in important organizations. Currently, there are oppositions that are easier to pass than others, such as those for administrative assistant or service personnel. These oppositions are ideal for those who want to find a job quickly in the public administration. In MasterD you will find complete professional training for these and the rest of the areas of public employment.

The list of oppositions in Spain ranges from environmental, library and social security work to IT, office automation and EMT. Within this list, the MasterD academy, an expert in preparing exams with 30 years of experience, mentions that there are easier options to consider for those who want to get a public employment position in 2024. These exams that are easier to pass are Correos, administrative assistants, service personnel (drivers, janitors, orderlies), guards, assistants of penitentiary institutions or Troops and Sailors. Each one represents a profession with social recognition, guarantees a good salary and both the tests and the access requirements are not difficult for a prepared professional. Of course, all oppositions, even the simplest ones to pass, have a certain degree of complexity. For this reason, MasterD offers complete training in its more than 37 centers distributed nationwide for those seeking to prepare to secure a place in the Public Administration.

Currently, the easiest exams to pass, such as Post Office, administrative assistants and service personnel, do not represent as strong a challenge as those in STEM careers. However, it is important to keep in mind that all oppositions guarantee job stability once you have obtained a position in the public administration. This means obtaining a living wage supported and protected by the Spanish government, employment benefits, benefits, access to loans and permanent positions, among others. Therefore, there will be many professionals and enthusiasts willing to give their best efforts to get an opportunity in said administration. Adequate preparation with competitive training academies such as MasterD ensures higher scores and better answers when taking interviews. In addition to this, all professional evaluations hide at least one or two trick questions, involve topics that require logic and assertiveness, and represent a considerable challenge on an emotional level. These aspects, which many people do not take into account, are put to the test by the preparers and examination specialists of the MasterD company.

First of all, the MasterD academy includes simulations in each of its training courses for competitive examinations. These simulations recreate scenarios very similar to the tests carried out in the competitions. Therefore, students can test themselves before taking the official exam to feel that they are fully prepared to face any challenge. Likewise, the experience and knowledge obtained in carrying out these simulated exams facilitates the development of key strategies for real opposition tests. On the other hand, MasterD preparation includes personalized planning, that is, planning adapted to the needs, schedules and objectives of the candidates. This is an advantage for those who need preparation according to their daily routines and a more flexible study methodology to achieve quick results. As an extra point, this academy offers individual tutoring in its training, which is a great advantage for those who need to clarify doubts and receive more complete training.

MasterD’s individual tutoring represents a key aspect of this academy, as it promotes much more effective training for professionals. This effectiveness is given by several factors, one of them being the growth that the student has because he is evaluated and monitored at all times. The trainers make sure to analyze each result that their students have in the tests, exercises and tutorials to help them improve and achieve their objectives within the public administration. In addition to this, the easiest and most difficult MasterD examination syllabuses are constantly updated. In online training, updates are available immediately, since they are uploaded to a virtual campus that all students can access. This virtual campus is another key aspect of the academy because it facilitates learning and preparation for distance examinations. It is also important to highlight that this company carries out all types of exams for competitive examinations, including oral, language, physical, test-type, practical and psychotechnical cases, among others.

The MasterD educational offers aim to introduce students and professionals to the world of work in Spain so that they can achieve their short and long-term goals. Each offer and preparation for opposition is based on a unique and revolutionary methodology of the academy, which makes it easier to obtain new skills to stand out in the current market.



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