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Madrid, October 25

It is the law firm that has canceled the most debt with this law, exceeding 103 million euros

Repara tu Deuda, the leading law firm in Spain in the Second Chance Law, has achieved another cancellation of debt in Catalonia through the Second Chance Law. This is the case of AJ, a resident of Barcelona (Catalonia), to whom the Court of First Instance No. 50 of Barcelona (Catalonia) has granted the Unsatisfied Liabilities Exemption Benefit (BEPI), releasing the bankrupt from a debt amounting to 30,509 euros. SEE SENTENCE. The lawyers of Repara tu Deuda explain the story: “the exonerated woman, together with her husband, accumulated several debts. This, and the intermittent strikes that both suffered, led them to have an accumulated unpaid debt that they could not assume. Now, after the court ruling, he can live a new life away from the debts that made him suffer and start from scratch”. The Second Chance Law came into force in Spain in 2015. Since then, more and more individuals and self-employed people to it as a way to escape from the situation of over-indebtedness in which they find themselves. Repair your Debt Lawyers is the law firm specialized in the Second Chance Law that has handled the most cases in the country since its approval in 2015 and the one that has canceled the most debt, exceeding 103 million euros of debt. It is important to point out that the Second Chance Law is applied in all courts in Spain. In addition, the degree of knowledge on the part of the public is increasing, which means that this tool has entered Spanish homes with force. “We have done extensive outreach for a long time to let people know that this is a real law that can get them out of the economic loop they are in,” the lawyers explain. The Second Chance Law allows the cancellation of the debts of individuals and the self-employed who live in a situation of over-indebtedness if they meet a series of requirements such as acting in good faith or that the debt does not exceed 5 million euros.

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