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The law firm specializing in Second Chance Law leads the debt cancellation market in Spain

Repair your Debt Lawyers, the leading law firm in Spain in the processing of the Second Chance Law, has achieved another debt cancellation in Barcelona (Catalonia). Through the management of Repair your Debt Lawyers, the Court of First Instance No. 50 of Barcelona (Catalonia) has issued an exemption from unsatisfied liabilities in the case of Eri Quintero, who had accumulated a debt of 80,911 euros that she could not face. SEE SENTENCE Eri Quintero explains why she had to take advantage of the Second Chance Law: “I’m originally from Venezuela. We had to leave in 2004. When you arrive in another country, you don’t have many resources. As long as you don’t have a job stable, you start spending where you don’t have: cards, mini-credits. You take one to pay another. And in the end it’s something that never ends. And then unforeseen events appear.” thus having a new life since the Second Chance Law “lives up to its name. At first it generates doubts. Then you start to investigate, you find out that this law comes from the United States…”. He also recommends Repara tu Deuda Abogados for the “work, the attention of the entire team, they have been very kind, always clear”. he concludes. WATCH VIDEOAs the lawyers at Repair Your Debt explain, “Spain was one of the countries that took the longest time to incorporate the Second Chance Law, a graceful way out for people who cannot pay their debts. It did so after the Recommendation of the European Commission of the year 2014”. Although there is a certain lack of knowledge about this legislation, more and more people are applying for it. Repair your Debt Lawyers has helped, since it launched its activity in 2015, many in desperate situations who did not know where to ask for help and has 100% success in all sentences issued by Spanish courts. This legislation allows exonerate individuals and self-employed from debt payment if they previously demonstrate that the amount owed does not exceed 5 million euros, that they cannot make their payments and live with dignity or that they are debtors in good faith.Repara tu Deuda lawyers has an app for Android and for IOS, baptized with the name of MyRepara, to reduce the cost of the procedure or attendance at meetings with lawyers through video calls.

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