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Thanks to its gamification, it introduces children to the exciting world of chess, learning about the origin of chess and its anecdotes in a fun way. Smartick Chess offers, free of charge, a curriculum for children from 4 years old to learn basic notions of chess and play games

Madrid, January 19, 2023.- The Queen’s Gambit showed that chess needed a good series to become popular. It was 2020 and there was a furor over chess, a game that develops mental skills that are good for tackling mathematics or any discipline that requires reasoning or logic. How to get children interested in this mental skill game more easily? Maybe with a design of an online course for them, with a very careful aesthetic, with some storybook characters? That’s what they thought at Smartick, which has just launched Smartick Chess, a free online journey with fascinating lessons on how to learn to play and the history of this ancient game, with the advice of chess players from the Spanish Chess Federation. Children will learn in a safe environment, without social networks, concentrated and with the possibility of playing games with other students. Their parents will know that, far from wasting time with screens, their children will be dedicated to learning chess, from the best teachers. The creators of this training platform for children wanted learning to be like a journey of several lessons through chess strategy and its history. The children will enter a museum, as a school visit, specialized in the world of this ancient game. They will do it with the help of a guide who will be the one who opens the video tutorials for them. Depending on how they pass the lesson, he will tell them in chapters other adventures that his nephews had when they went to visit him. In the first adventure, which includes the first lessons of the initiation phase, children visit different important moments and places in the classic history of chess. They have to find the board and the original pieces that belonged to Sisa, the creator of the game, according to legend, designed to entertain his powerful lord. The little ones will have to defeat the evil Darklord, who wants Sisa’s power to control the world of chess. The characters and videos have been designed by an art team that includes illustrators such as Roc Alemany, Roberto Martínez Rufián, Mayte C. Goñi and Marta Elzaurdia. “We knew that one of the big differences with other sites had to be achieving a very careful aesthetic, which attracts children who, a priori, perhaps had not considered approaching the world of chess,” explains Daniel González de Vega, co-founder by Smartick. When the lessons and the story are over, the students can access another room where they can play against other children and characters from the history they have lived, because, of course, the motivation of competing with other children cannot be ignored. In Smartick Chess there is a level system: Wood, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, depending on how those competitions are played. Within each level, there are also pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, queens and kings. They all start with the wooden pawn. Since its founding, Smartick, then focused on reinforcing children’s mathematics in the best way, incorporated games designed to enhance memory, logic and strategy. “Chess is a very logical step because it reinforces these skills and, in addition, others, such as healthy competitiveness, tolerance for frustration, stopping to think, learning from mistakes,” explains Daniel González de Vega, co-founder of this Online mathematics and reading learning platform for children ages 4 to 14. “But we were aware that, at the outset, for many children who do not play chess, there is a difficult, complicated playing barrier and we wanted to break it and take the children by the hand through this adventure. In addition, we wanted to pay tribute to the world of chess by honoring its history, that children are aware that they are playing something that comes from many centuries ago,” he adds. “And, as we always do, taking advantage of all the tools that technology provides us to personalize teaching. We wanted to have advisors from the Spanish Chess Federation.” Issuer: Smartick Chess

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