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Reopening of the restaurant and the tourist apartments at the foot of the Pantín beach

Since its opening, Las Olas by Pantín has come to meet the hotel demand of lovers of water sports and active tourism in the town of Pantín. Its success is backed by a very interesting and varied gastronomic offer, the rental of comfortable apartments tourist attractions and spectacular views of the natural and coastal environment of Pantín. With its presence, the local hotel reinforces the tourist offer of the municipality of Valdoviño, and especially the reception of foreign and sports tourism, linked to the international surfing championship «Pantín Classic». The Las Olas restaurant is considered one of the most valued and recommended restaurants in Valdoviño by customers. When the owners of Las Olas by Pantín decided to go for the creation of a hotel complex, which housed six tourist apartments and a restaurant with beautiful views to the beach of Pantín, they did not imagine the overwhelming success that it would be. Well, being aware that there was a niche to cover, a demand for a greater offer of hospitality by visitors, its large influx of public exceeded all their expectations. And it is that the municipality of Valdoviño, located in the extreme north of A Coruña, in the heart of the Ártabra Coast, is establishing itself as an important tourist attraction. Not only at regional or regional level, but also internationally; thanks to being the venue for the Pantín Classic, the world surfing championship. Which is celebrated on the beach of Pantín and since 2017 is considered a Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia. However, beyond a small tapas bar with a long tradition —known by the locals as “el chiringuito”— and a handful of restaurants or camps; Pantín lacked a restaurant near the beach, as well as a comfortable accommodation offer where surfers, families or groups of friends could stay. And that was precisely the gap that Las Olas by Pantín came to fill. The place run by Olga Gil and her family —owners of the old “chiringuito” of the place— is presented as a beautiful restaurant in Valdoviño that stands out for its large terrace and its magnificent card. Just look at the reviews left by customers on Google to see the success of the clientele and the good opinions it arouses. After a high season characterized by the constant influx of public, the staff of Las Olas took a break to recondition their services .A reopening to improve the quality of hospitality services Las Olas by Pantín is preparing to receive visitors seeking accommodation in Valdoviño and Cedeira as a tourist option. Because that is another of the advantages of the Las Olas restaurant and rental apartments: its excellent location. Halfway between the municipalities of Valdoviño, to which Pantín belongs, and Cedeira —where San Andrés de Teixido is located, among other unmissable places—. Thus, the autumn and winter season continues to be a good time for those who want to enjoy a different tourism. A journey full of charms, with a vocation for pilgrimage —the Way of the Sea passes through there—; active tourism —with ideal beaches for water sports and unique hiking trails—; of relaxing walks, where the scenic beauty captures visitors with its green spaces, its numerous beaches, its vertiginous cliffs. In fact, Pantín beach is very close to outstanding places such as the Sierra de Capelada, with the highest cliffs in continental Europe and its incredible sandbanks. Or impressive lagoons such as those of Valdoviño or Doniños and infinite viewpoints scattered throughout the territory. So, for those looking for a quiet place full of fertile nature, Valdoviño, Cedeira and the Costa Ártabra in general is a great choice. While at Las Olas by Pantín you will find a place to stay, in cozy fully equipped apartments and where you can eat the best representation of local and seasonal cuisine and delicious popular dishes and tapas. Without forgetting the priceless opportunity to have any meal or drink an aperitif, experiencing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that can only be experienced in Pantín. Certainly, more than hotel services, Las Olas offers sensations and unforgettable moments in one of the most splendid corners of Galicia. Without a doubt, it is one of the most captivating restaurants in Valdoviño.

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