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Madrid, December 21, 2023.

From Education to Health, through Public Administration and private companies, all sectors are betting on this technology, whose adoption has been consolidated this year

Desktop virtualization has established itself as the safest and most sustainable technology for the digital transformation of the workplace. The year 2023 has represented an important advance in the democratization of VDI adoption. In this context, Virtual Cable closes the year with great results, thanks to the growing confidence in its UDS Enterprise solutions by international clients from all sectors. When this technology started, only the leading and largest companies could implement it, but in Today, with the development of flexible and profitable solutions, all organizations have the capacity to integrate it: from the educational field to the health sector, including public administration and private companies. Throughout this past year, numerous Companies have chosen UDS Enterprise to guarantee secure access to their workplaces 24×7, from any place and device. For the next year, expectations are very positive: everything indicates that the market associated with the digital transformation of the work environment will continue its expansion in 2024. During 2023, Virtual Cable has sealed alliances with major players in the IT sector, both manufacturers, as resellers, highlighting the agreement with wholesalers Ingram Micro and V-Valley. Virtual Cable’s VDI platform has positioned itself as an essential service for many companies, which use or distribute it. UDS Enterprise allows you to create a workplace virtualization system fully adapted to the needs of each project, combining desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to physical equipment in a single console. It also optimizes and consolidates existing infrastructures and improves the efficiency, sustainability, cybersecurity and resilience of organizations. In addition, in this period, UDS Enterprise has been renewed with version 3.6, which places special focus on security and multicloud capabilities. Following its philosophy of alignment with the latest trends, Virtual Cable has taken significant steps towards the full implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in UDS Enterprise. Many of the current functionalities already integrate an intelligent system that provides high levels of automation and efficiency. Sustainability and recognition, other notable issues of 2023 Regarding sustainability, this year Virtual Cable has actively participated in improving the care of the planet and meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For example, the company has obtained the Sustainable Suppliers title awarded by the UN Global Compact. And, in recognition of the sustainability of its solutions, it was invited in September to participate in the publication “SDG Year 8. Economic profitability and Agenda 2030” of the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact. Among other distinctions that Virtual Cable has received Throughout these twelve months, it has been named IDC Innovator in Virtual Client Computing worldwide and received the Open Innovation Award for its VDI project at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. All these aspects have driven the adoption of UDS Enterprise, in addition of its ability to guarantee secure and flexible access to all programs and applications, significantly improving the user experience and, therefore, the productivity of companies in more than 110 countries.

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