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Developed by Xercode, it offers an ecosystem of solutions for public and private libraries, archives and publishers

Technological progress has brought with it new management needs and, especially, adaptation to a society immersed in a progressive process of digitization in all its aspects. In this context, the xebook digital platform offers a comprehensive solution to libraries, archives, publishers, companies or educational institutions to facilitate access, management and distribution of content. Behind it is Xercode, a start-up created in 2009, a pioneer in promoting the lending of electronic books in libraries and which has recently expanded its service offering through a own market for the distribution of works and specialized publications. Xebook is an ecosystem that centralizes the entire process: document management, physical and digital files, the creation and marketing of editorial content or interactions between individuals. ACCESS The comprehensive management service, electronic lending and reading of digital content for libraries, education and document centers, xeread, allows these entities to acquire funds from publishers directly through the platform. Thus, it offers an integrated catalog of physical and digital resources with a marketplace that allows access to thousands of contents in different languages ​​for users of libraries of all kinds, consolidating the digital content distribution business model. Other solutions are xestore, a sales channel that puts suppliers and end consumers in contact; xediscovery, a browsing service that uses the VuFInd library search engine; or xecommerce, which renders a module to create a content point of sale.MANAGEMENT In addition, xelibrary provides a comprehensive library management service through the Koha ILS system. In fact, Xercode has been a pioneer in Spain in providing support through this tool. For archives, xearchive offers a solution based on AtoM, a system designed to facilitate the dissemination of collections from these entities. Designed for publishers and content providers , xepublisher makes it possible to establish new services and business models, while xepreserver is specialized in digital preservation based on OAIS, a conceptual model for the management, archiving and long-term conservation of all types of documents. PRODUCTION Xerepository represents a solution for the deposit, preservation and access to all types of digital content, based on Dspace and Fedora. For its part, xeprotected is a digital preservation module for points of sale that allows content to be protected, distributed safely and control of economic transactions. Finally, xejournal facilitates the management and monitoring of the editorial process of electronic journals in Open Journal System (OJS), while xemonograph offers a control and management module for monographs based on Open Monograph Press. MAXIMUM VERSATILITY AND GREAT RECEPTION IN THE MARKET Thanks to the versatility of the platform, numerous public and private entities have integral solution for the access, management and dissemination of its contents.

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