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The ME.6 packs everything people expect in a modern device: the latest 5G capability, Android 13, a high-end triple camera setup with Camera Pro, a rapid octa-core processor, NFC technology, voice input, and ASHA support ensuring superior sound quality, even with hearing aids. It also includes a fingerprint sensor, now essential for digital services across many European nations.

Moreover, the emporiaME.6 introduces a no-panic-button. This button, marked with a red circle and heart, is conveniently located on the back of the phone for easy access without the hassle of navigating menus or complex keystrokes.

When pressed for three seconds, the international emergency number 112 is dialled automatically. Concurrently, location data is sent to your own emergency contacts too for swift response. The phone begins to flash with an auditory alarm to attract attention nearby.

“The assistance button offers peace of mind, ensuring you’re never truly alone,” asserts Karin Schaumberger. It’s an asset in various scenarios, like returning home in the dark.

The ME.6 boots in Android mode, with the option to switch to a simplified interface featuring large, legible fonts and icons. This mode consolidates all notifications, including missed calls, emails, and messages, in one Info Centre.

The emporiaME.6 is a product of the expertise and design finesse of German and Austrian teams, with 80 percent of its value stemming from European sources.

The emporiaME.6 will hit the markets in the EU for 299,90 Euros.

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