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nShift urges retailers to start tracking emissions data now

LONDON, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Companies are still under-prepared for the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will come into effect later this year.

According to a survey conducted in December, 88% of companies do not yet feel ready to meet the expectations of CSRD and 57% feel they have little or no knowledge of the new reporting obligations that arise from the new regulations.[1]

nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software, has recently launched nShift Emissions Tracker. The tool helps ecommerce companies and warehouses calculate, record, and analyze greenhouse gas emissions for every shipment. It enables companies to comply with new incoming environmental reporting requirements and pinpoint opportunities for emissions reduction.

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift said, “The clock is ticking for companies when it comes to tracking and reporting emissions. For many companies, the first reports will not be due until 2025. But it’s vital that businesses covered by the new requirements get to grips with them as soon as possible to ensure they are tracking the data they need. Using the right tracking tools will not only give the business the data it needs, but it will also make a potentially laborious reporting process much more straightforward to manage.”

nShift Emissions Tracker collates all carrier data into one reporting tool with an easy-to-use template. Calculations are made at shipment level, giving retailers the ability to drill into shipping data, compile accurate reports, and identify quick wins for emissions reduction.

Business benefits of Emissions Tracker

nShift Emissions Tracker conforms to internationally recognized standards, including ISO 14083 and the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework.

For more information on the nShift Emission Tracker, please visit. https://nshift.com/solutions/emissions-tracker

About nShift

nShift is the global leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions enabling frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries annually. nShift’s software is used globally by e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers. The company is headquartered in London and Oslo. It has over 500 employees across offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Romania.

[1] https://www.theaccountant-online.com/news/baker-tilly-research-reveals-worrying-gaps-with-csrd-deadline-looming/

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