Germany by turns. Or you can explain to me why the people have at last Monday, the Aldi stores are charged, to buy disinfectant spray? Just gently asked: you are at least 30 other citizens, to shortly before 8 p.m. crowded in front of the door, storm in, stand at the Checkout line, because you have to buy two Sprays (there was no more per Person), which will help you to protect against Corona Virus is less than a normal soap? I don’t understand.

we Think: There is on the part of the Virus-experts the Council to reduce contact with other people. Therefore, schools and kindergartens are closed, public life is soon to rest. The Shutdown is expected to reduce the risks of Contagion. And what do we do? Racing in a panic, the supermarket, fill the shopping cart with toilet paper (stupid, that is so bulky, otherwise you could buy a lot more…) and stand on the feet. I am glad that an Aldi is not 1000 people can fit in at once. Would be a gathering and are prohibited.

Dax crashes brutal – but why?

The investors by turning. On Thursday, the ECB did not expand but actually, the negative interest rates on deposits from minus 0.5 percent to minus 0.6 percent. The Dax plummeted brutal Details of the ECB’s decision you can read here. DAX 9.232,08 Pkt. +70,95 (+0,77%) Xetra

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To the rate of data

What is the ECB last Thursday (I’m not talking about the past!) done wrong? Nothing. It has announced aid programs for the banking sector and loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. That makes sense. What would have brought a further reduction in interest rates? Nothing. Now the fiscal policy ran, the economy must also change programs need to be developed that tax relief is necessary, in time of Need, banks need to be supported. A beautiful greeting to all the “Black-Zero-supporter”: you have no idea, because monetary policy can do alone it. FOCUS-MONEY – do You still Hesitate or are You buying already?

The stock exchanges with a delay from the Coronavirus shaken. Investors are nervous. The Central banks are trying to calm down. FOCUS-MONEY shows in this PDF magazine the great Corona analysis.


The investors by turning. The conclusion in advance: It makes little sense to sell after the bloodbath this week share, if you are invested for the long term. It’s really not. Because to be fully invested only when one speculates or gambles (then losses are included), or enough time to sit through difficult phases. There is one exception: If you are no longer able to bear the losses of the Psyche, then you should consider to sell a part of it.

I’m sure this restless Phase lasts. There will be a recovery on the stock markets, then again to slump. Anyone who believes that everything is over and done with, wrong with very high probability. In my view we are in a Phase in which the final capitulation in the markets yet. If you only have a little for stock market psychology, then be sure to read this article: Crash, panic, despair: When you pay attention to these 5 phases, you protect your money

people looking for a rational way of thinking and making decisions

We now need people who can think rational and sensible decisions. This is not so easy. An example: The Deutsche Börse has decided against a short-selling ban. If Germany would be the only stock exchange in the world, or at least in Europe, everything is ok. But it is not. And if there are bans in Spain and Italy, what will the market do then the participants who want to continue in southern Europe, and falling prices? Logically, you go where you can make it. For example, in Germany. Just as an explanation for the Dax on Friday, the 13th! in the meantime, all the profits made.

decommissioning of public life make sense

We need a clear head, first and foremost, to protect our health. You can argue about whether a shutdown of public life is useful. I think Yes – because either you do it or not. If not, then you should insulate the most vulnerable people, to protect them. But everything points to a complete closure point.

This development will lead to a severe recession and the economy is hit hard. The consequences are already visible. The Corona Virus is the trigger for the falling rates, shows, actually, but only the vulnerability of the globalised world. Because the number of Infected stands in no Relation to this Crash. With FOCUS Online the best checking accounts compare (display) current account comparison 2020: The best to find account

The economic impact is not from the Hand. Due to the low interest rate policy, there are a number of companies are therefore still alive. The upcoming recession is bringing these companies in trouble, therefore there are tough times ahead for the banks. A forecast for the scale of the downturn and, thus, also for the capital markets is extremely difficult, to be honest. The main problem: The economy is suffering from both a demand and a supply shock, which is in its effect hard to grasp.

Without brakes and steering Wheel do not buy the coolest car

What I mean by that? The citizens no longer go out, less to the hairdresser, do not buy fashion. If anything, exacerbated the situation. In addition, the supply chains are interrupted, because in the last few weeks, no ships from China, shipped out to Europe. And quite boldly said: If you can acquire the coolest car for a cheap price, but the steering Wheel and brakes are not available, then the car is not for sale.

To summarize: We all need now is a clear head and, in particular, the persons from economy and politics. If one refers to the economy as a child, it’s fallen into the well. But still it hangs on a rope – you can save it if we all pull together. Real-time map shows the Corona-dissemination – more than 45,000 people healed, FOCUS Online/Wochit lung disease Covid-19: real-time map of the Corona-dissemination – more than 45,000 people shows a re-healed