Bank shares at all – time low Deutsche Bank, the largest Dax-loser

9.52 PM: The stock market crash on Monday, the shares of Deutsche Bank under its record low from August 2019-driven. The papers of the money house rustled in early trading by more than 17 percent to a depth of up to EUR 5.61. Record-low interest rates against the Backdrop of recession fears in the market are a burden on the entire industry hard. Deutsche Bank 6,78 EUR -0,27 (-3,79%) Xetra price data

Deutsche Bank shares lost most recently as Dax tail light is still a good 14 percent. In the MDax, it caught the Commerzbank with a minus 12.5 percent, also violently. Also, the Commerzbank shares marked with 3,711 euros, a new historic Low.

German leading index now officially in bear market

9.32 PM: in The current Dax level of 10.736 points, the Minus from the recent record adds up to high to just 22.2 percent to. The Dax thus meets the Definition of a bear market. However, you must confirm this level in the coming days. This would happen, however, it would mean that one of the longest stock-market bulls is at an end.

DAX 10.748,20 PTS. -793,67 (-6,88%) Xetra

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To crash the price data

Dax by almost eight percent

9.03 PM: The fear of the Coronavirus epidemic has led on Monday to a massive closeout on the German stock market. The Dax lost at the start of trading prompt 7,89 percent to 10.630 points.

With such a disastrous start had expected the investors pre-market already. The X-Dax as vorbörslicher indicator for the German leading index had signaled before the start of trading, a loss of 6.5% to 10.795 points. The Dax-indication of the trading house Lang & Schwarz had indicated prior to the opening of a case, to about 5.6 percent.

The rate of fall can be explained by the fear of the Coronavirus epidemic, which turns in a state of panic, and the surprising drop in Oil prices on the international oil markets, the price of Oil slumped after the failed negotiations of the leading Oil-producing countries at the same time, by 30 percent. This is the biggest drop in nearly 30 years.

one Of Asia’s stock exchanges beat the panic selling already to the office. The Nikkei 225 from about slumped by more than 1000 points or five percent. For a third, deep red week is on the horizon in the markets. In demand by investors as a safe – haven state, however, bonds is the current yield on the ten-year US Bonds fell to 0,347 per cent as deep as never before.

quarantine measures will become harder

While the infections in the world, the measures to prevent the spread of the novel Virus in several countries increasingly more rigorous. Italy, the most affected by the Virus-epidemic-affected European country, seized in the meantime, further measures After the closure of large parts in the North, the Italian government activated stations checks at rail stations, airports and highways in the restricted areas.

In some North Italian territories or out of them, including also the economic centre of Milan and the tourist centre of Venice, one must reasons, currently only in case of emergency or out of work. In Germany, the cancellation of large events is imminent. In France, events with more than 1000 people are now forbidden. Are you interested in in addition to values? The professionally managed trading service “Small Caps Champion” takes all the Research and analysis work. (Partner offer) Now 30 days free of charge test!

“To fight against the Corona of the oil war comes now,” said Portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from QC partner. “Investors flee from risk.” The alleged decision of the Saudis to resume Oil production well high, in his opinion for all of the oil producer “a fiasco”. For all oil consumers, however, it could be for the “additional stimulus package”. “Brent Oil is already traded so cheap as last in 2016,” he said. db Oil price Brent 46,01 USD -4,26 (-8,47%) OTC

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