A third of SMES are planning to again have recourse to temporary unemployment during the months of July and August, spring-the Friday of a survey conducted in mid-June by the provider of HR services, SD Worx. This is especially the structures employing between 20 and 50 workers who have the need for this measure (56 %), prolonged until 31 August, while companies with less than 5 employees will make use of a lot less (29 %).

The SMES with 5 to 19 workers to be 42 % to make a call to the temporary unemployment and the rate will be almost similar on the side of the SME 100 to 249 employees (40 %). The percentages are down in all categories compared to the month of June, where they were, for example, of 36 % for the smaller structures and 72% of those employing 20 to 49 people.