Equine Match Ltd., a company based in Oxford, has introduced a new cloud-based software platform that utilizes advanced machine learning and AI technology in the global bloodstock industry. Traditionally, the industry has relied on human expertise for breeding and buying decisions, but Equine Match aims to revolutionize this approach by providing data-driven quantitative analysis.

Spencer Chapman, Co-Founder of Equine Match and a 30-year owner-breeder, emphasized the importance of bringing analytical insights to the bloodstock world. The platform offers a predictive model that, when combined with traditional qualitative assessments, can enhance decision-making processes for industry investors.

The company’s exclusive algorithms analyze a vast digital database spanning over 60 countries and centuries of records to generate performance predictions. By enabling breeders and buyers to leverage modern quantitative techniques, Equine Match believes it can unlock significant value for its global customers.

Equine Match’s flagship tools include the Sire Rating Index and the Predictive Pedigree Rating, which is the first commercially available multi-variable predictor of racehorse career performance. The company offers various subscription levels to access its product suite, purchase reports for global horse auctions, and even provides stallion sponsorships and white-labelling services.

The founding team of Equine Match combines equine industry expertise with international business experience and elite data scientists from prestigious institutions such as the University of Oxford and Imperial College London. Looking ahead, the company sees potential for its AI solutions in other industries beyond bloodstock, such as metaverse gaming.

Supported by Innovate UK and the Oxford University Innovation Incubator, Equine Match aims to be the authoritative source for data-driven bloodstock intelligence. The platform’s differentiation lies in its unique global digital database, advanced AI/ML algorithms, comprehensive suite of tools and visualizations, and timely data updates.

Established in 2022 by Spencer Chapman and Robert Russell, Equine Match is dedicated to providing predictive and analytical products to the global horseracing and bloodstock industry. For more information, visit