Innovation in the logistics sector with the new Innova Group wrapping machine. The baler launched in 2023 has modular technology and more efficient components for more sustainable packaging of loads

Castellón, February 15, 2024.- Innova Group, a renowned manufacturer of end-of-line packaging systems based in Castellón, announces the launch of its new AWS Pro automatic arm wrapping machine. Designed to offer versatility, efficiency and sustainability in the pallet packaging, this automatic stretch wrapper redefines industry standards with modular technology and highly energy efficient components. Efficiency and savings at the end of the line Innova Group’s new wrapper, designed and manufactured entirely in Spain with European components, presents one of the fastest rotary wrapping arms on the market. In addition, it offers an option of two wrapping arms for greater speed and efficiency, adapting to any end-of-line production and all industrial sectors. One of the most notable aspects of this wrapping machine is its commitment to reducing film consumption. . Equipped with Wireless electronic wrapping technology, a film pre-stretch system of up to 400% and its own Torque control system, the Innova Group arm wrapper allows film reduction of around 50% compared to other conventional wrappers and semi-automatic equipment. The Innova Group Automatic Arm Wrapper also stands out for its faster wrapping cycle finish and no film remains. Thanks to its own wrapping finishing technology, the cycle is completed without the need for welding or gluing to seal the end of the cycle. Modular technology and adaptability Innova’s new stretch wrapper is capable of handling ultra-high loads thanks to its modular structure and models available to adapt to different sizes of loads, from 200 mm to 2,400 mm and more, according to the specific needs of each client. To further improve the efficiency and protection of the final load, it includes a wide range of accessories such as an innovative system automatic upper cover applicator to protect from external elements, as well as a protective corner applicator system prior to wrapping to guarantee the homogeneity of the boxes, a novelty that few manufacturers offer on the market. It also includes an upper clamping tamper system for light or unstable loads, offering greater stability and safety during wrapping. The most efficient automatic stretch wrapper The new Innova arm wrapper is one of the most efficient and sustainable machines on the market, as it It incorporates low energy consumption components and motors, in addition to the aforementioned pre-stretching technology to reduce film consumption. Likewise, it is also offered in a wrapper model with a lighter structure, thus reducing its carbon footprint and saving space in the factory. The Innova Group automatic rotary arm wrapper is now available for purchase on the market and is expected to have a significant impact on a wide range of industries requiring more efficient and sustainable pallet packaging. In the words of Sergio Llidó, manager of Innova Group: “The launch of our automatic arm wrapper marks a significant milestone for Innova Group This new addition to our catalog not only represents a breakthrough in terms of efficiency and sustainability in packaging, but also reflects our continued commitment to the industry and the environment. We are proud to offer solutions that not only optimize and improve processes of companies’ packaging, but also pave the way towards innovation 4.0 and a greener industry.”About Innova Group Innova Group is a manufacturer of packaging systems with more than 20 years of experience in the market. From its headquarters in Castellón, it designs and manufactures everything from automatic systems to complete packaging lines for all sectors. It has a broad national and international presence, with hundreds of facilities in Europe, Latin America, Brazil, the USA and Canada.

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