Zeta Labs, a startup founded by former Meta engineers Fryderyk Wiatrowski and Peter Albert, has introduced Jace, an AI agent powered by LLM technology. This AI agent can perform tasks in the browser without any guidance, allowing users to automate their work processes easily. The company has raised $2.9 million in a pre-seed funding round led by prominent investors in the AI industry.

Jace is designed to handle a variety of tasks, from booking hotels to setting up recruitment pipelines on LinkedIn. The AI agent operates in a browser, making it versatile and capable of handling complex tasks efficiently. With the support of angel investors and VC firms, Zeta Labs aims to enhance Jace’s capabilities and make it more reliable for consumers and businesses.

The core technology behind Jace includes a chat-based interaction model and a proprietary web-interaction model called AWA-1. These models work together to understand user instructions, create action plans, and execute tasks in the browser seamlessly. By using reinforcement learning and simulated interactions, Zeta Labs has ensured that Jace can handle tasks with multiple steps without getting stuck in loops.

While Jace is already capable of performing various tasks, Zeta Labs is working on refining the AI agent further before its general release. The company is also developing a new iteration of the AWA model to improve performance and expand capabilities. The ultimate goal is to offer Jace as a valuable tool for consumers and small businesses looking to automate repetitive tasks in sectors such as recruiting, ecommerce, marketing, and sales.

In terms of monetization, Zeta Labs plans to offer a free plan with limitations on usage, followed by a fixed subscription price of $45/month. This pricing model is aimed at catering to small businesses and individuals who can benefit from automating their browser-based tasks. With a growing demand for automation in various industries, Jace has the potential to become a valuable asset for businesses seeking efficiency and productivity in their operations.

In conclusion, Jace represents a new frontier in AI technology, offering users the ability to automate tasks with ease and efficiency. With the support of experienced investors and a dedicated team of engineers, Zeta Labs is poised to revolutionize the way we work and interact with AI agents in the digital age.