K-Tec to Introduce Groundbreaking Earth Scrapers Utilizing Fossil-Free Steel

Canada-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) K-Tec, a part of the K.A. Group, has announced its groundbreaking partnership with Swedish steel company SSAB to pioneer the use of fossil-free steel in a fleet of earthmoving machines.

The innovative SSAB steel product utilizes a revolutionary process that eliminates the use of coal in steel production, replacing it with hydrogen and electricity. This joint effort between SSAB, Finnish iron ore producer LKAB, and Swedish energy company Vattenfall has resulted in a steel product that boasts “virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions,” with water being the only byproduct.

In a similar vein, access equipment company Manitou has also recently entered into an agreement with SSAB to incorporate its fossil-free steel product in its operations.

Johnny Sjöström, head of special steels at SSAB, expressed pride in the collaboration, emphasizing the shared commitment of both companies to reducing carbon emissions. He highlighted the transformative nature of this initiative in revolutionizing the steel production process towards a fossil-free future.

K-Tec is set to receive pilot deliveries of SSAB’s sustainable steel product, which will be integrated into its construction and mining service offerings. While specific models and commercial availability details have not been disclosed, K-Tec is confident that this collaboration will significantly contribute to its sustainability objectives.

Dan Pashniak, president and CEO of the K.A. Group, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be the first Canadian manufacturing partner to join forces with SSAB in this vital environmental endeavor. He underscored the organization’s eagerness to work alongside SSAB in advancing eco-friendly steel solutions for a sustainable future.