Many people define themselves by their profession, Karl Lagerfeld called himself a “professional person”, in contrast to a “man of Leisure”. But he had so many professions, that it is inadmissible to identify him with one of them. He once said in an Interview, a job title for him, there would be and had to be invented.

“His professional image changes like a chameleon,” says Paul Sahners Lagerfeld-book. “Fashion Creator, discoverer of supermodels, photographer, interior designer, perfume producer, entrepreneur, Silent film maker, Lord of the Castle, a gallerist, author, porcelain, collector, advertising miracle, PR-man, a publisher, a bookseller.” Lagerfeld was Lagerfeld. Like no other man he has made himself a brand and the narcissism of his Religion.

“I’m an abstraction of. A puppet on a string”

In the course of his life, as he himself said he had a caricature made, to abstraction: “I’m not even human anymore. I’m an abstraction of. A puppet that is manipulated by me. I want to be. Do I have to do with earthly problems little.” Understanding, he welcomed a journalist with the remark: “I, Too, was a man like you.” But that’s exactly what he wanted to be – a man, as other people: “I do not feel myself to be more human.”

Such sentences muted strange, if other people was formulated. In the case of Lagerfeld, they were accepted, and one of the reasons was probably his self-irony. He was proud to go on a diet, he lost 40 percent of its weight, but he said afterwards: “wearing nothing when she the mirror tells me that someone is standing in front of me, a bit reminiscent of the skeletons in the anatomy hall for medical students.”

He didn’t have to fear that you confronted him critically with one of his previous Statements or contradictions to the attention of made. He humanized immune against criticism by pointing out what he is going to say, was only valid if he had just said. “Take what I say, please don’t be so serious. If I say something now, I can’t remember maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m a different person now.”

“If I’m someone no private jet value, I need to go, not”

If Lagerfeld really wanted to take him so seriously, and his opinions are not so important took, it seems unlikely. The supposed self-irony was him more like a strategy of self-marketing. You allowed him to lay on the other side a arrogance or snobbery of the day that would not have you warp to another: he Should write an auto-biography (he never did), then he would write them in English and also accept Translation: “If people in France or in Germany want to read my autobiography, but no English at all, I say: ‘Then the book is not suitable for you!'”

on another occasion, he explained, since most of his trips of the companies would be paid, I suppose he’s always been a private plane. “I don’t think, if I am someone no private jet value, I need to go to the. I presume, also to have the assurance that the companies place a high value on me and my work.” Otherwise, he’d rather stay home and read a book or fröne to doing nothing.

the brand Lagerfeld

was Who Karl Lagerfeld was? He was born in 1933 in Hamburg, but later other years than the year of his birth. Even as a child, he was told, he reported: “You’re one in a million”. “And then I thought probably it.” Lagerfeld will appear in the school with tailored Jackets, perfect shirt with a starched collar and silk tie. Later, he drives Bodybuilding, posing with his, through the Training, well-sculpted body on the beach.

In the course of his life, he made certain physical characteristics of a sign of recognition – the brand Lagerfeld. It is not created in a day by a resolve, but grows over the years. “I can’t make myself like Charlie Chaplin. My hair, my sunglasses, that came with time. I’ve been slowly, but surely the point of caricature.”

The end result is a distinctive trademark: The fingerless gloves, the powdered pigtail, the stand-up collar, sunglasses, temporarily belonged to a fan to it. A cartoonist does not need to can a lot of to draw Lagerfeld. But not only the Exterior belongs to the brand, but also its cheeky sayings, and his staccato-like manner of speaking.

to design, He creates so much because he has, by his business model to succeed, to focus on what he can really. Everything else he leaves to the other. And deserves so much more than he would have only earned a brand of its own, or even as an exclusive to a company-employed Designer. For him, as Lagerfeld, it is completely natural to be creative. “The more you make, the more you can think of. Like a piano player, the more he plays, the better he is able to improvise. If I draw constantly, I find new ideas.”

Designer Joop: “The biggest phenomenon I’ve ever met”

discipline and a high work ethic to become one of its most important trademarks. This is all the more remarkable as he lives in a hedonistic world full of temptations and temptations. Lagerfeld is this attempt not to payments. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs, drink almost never. Maybe he needs this discipline, too, because he feels that he is by his very nature, is a addiction man. So he drinks at times 15 bottles of Coca light of the day and eats tons of sweets. The fashion designer Wolfgang Joop said about Lagerfeld: “A piece of advice from him you could take to heart, really: You have to keep his own emotions and his addictions in check, because you will otherwise be the victim of the scene. Many around him were also victims…. How to deal with discipline, keeping that he has demonstrated par excellence. In this respect, he is the greatest phenomenon I’ve ever met. Awesome.”

This discipline was increasingly a Central feature of the brand Lagerfeld. You can’t imagine him casually, and saying in a talk show, who over in a sweat pant, I lost the control of his life, was probably quoted as often as hardly any other of the many Lagerfeld’s Bon mots. “People say to me: ‘you are a German, you have a lot of discipline.’ … I’m much worse. I’m car-fascist, a dictator who puts myself under pressure. I will not tolerate when it comes to myself, not a democracy. It is not discussed, I give orders. Because I’m not particularly including. Command is command.”

It didn’t bother him, if he was narcissist called

It didn’t bother him if people called him a narcissist, and he tried hardly to hide this narcissism. Lagerfeld, as it says in a book of the companions, have not looked at his staff once, when he spoke with them. When he answered, he looked at himself on the shoulders of his conversation partners in the mirror. Even during the Fittings, he is interested increasingly for themselves.

When he was asked whether he’s thinking of, to establish a Foundation, perhaps, he replies, he have nothing, because: “Everything I am, begins and ends with me.” Lagerfeld’s concept of life can be divided into two maxims summarize: limitless freedom and the irrepressible urge to always develop. “The luck,” he said, “is a matter of will. I’ve come up with the result of all this, what I imagined, pre-paints. What I have decided to be.”

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