Lynn Tilton is hoping for a little love from the Trump administration.

The private equity executive, known as the Diva of Distressed Debt, believes a Republican-led Securities and Exchange Commission will be more reasonable and end her nearly two-year regulatory nightmare.

“As you know, they voted 3-2 along party lines to even bring this case,” Tilton told The Post in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

The SEC sued Tilton and her Patriarch Partners firm in March 2015, alleging she committed fraud by hiding the poor performance of the funds’ $2.5 billion portfolios of distressed loans.

The fraud allowed her to pocket $200 million in bogus fees, the SEC claimed.

Tilton denied the allegations.

The flamboyant 57-year-old investor quickly pointed out on Tuesday that the SEC’s fraud case devolved last fall into a Betsmove mere contract case.

The allegations were argued in a three-week administrative hearing last fall. Tilton and the SEC are awaiting a decision from Judge Carol Foelak.

If the judge rules against Tilton, she hopes new leadership at the SEC brings a different result.

“There’s also a new commission coming into place with [Wall Street lawyer Jay] Clayton coming on, and it will be a Republican-led commission,” she said.

Tilton is also hoping a ruling in December by a Denver federal appeals court — which found that it is unconstitutional for the SEC to try cases before its administrative law judges — helps sway the SEC.

And beyond her legal woes, Tilton supports Trump’s campaign promise to bring jobs back to the US.

“It’s actually one place where Trump and I align,” she said, adding that she “would love to” work with Trump on that issue.

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