food would not be due to the Virus, nearly, says Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner. The trade enough supplies to have chains.

No risk to the food supply by means of the Corona pandemic photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

BERLIN taz | Federal food Minister Julia Klöckner sees no risk to the food supply through the Corona of a pandemic. “There are no supply bottlenecks for food by the Coronavirus threaten in Germany,” said the CDU politician of the taz. The trade is that the supply chains were not interrupted or compromised.

“The supermarket chains are currently responding to the increased demand and are expanding their range,” said the Minister. If you are currently in some cases, the shelves are emptier than usual, spent at logistics, “the supply problem is explicit.”

food Association, which represents the industry, as well as the trade Association of Germany confirmed that the food were not so far become scarce. “Currently, there are no General supply difficulties, because the tough food which are currently being purchased frequently, such as pasta, rice, frozen food products or canned goods are pre-produced in a large amount,” wrote the grocery, the Association of taz. “By hoarding it is merely for a day and came to regional differences, gaps in the trade”.

in order for the trade goods companies, in case of increased demand as quickly as possible from the Warehouses to the shelves can bring, some of the länder, according to the trade the Sunday driving ban for HGVs Association loosened and exemptions for Sunday work in logistics and distribution of goods allows.

it is Uncertain, however, what is yet to happen. “The food industry is affected like other sectors of the economy, especially when employees get inside, and this, as well as your contact persons in Isolation or quarantine must,” said the food Association. “In the worst case, could threaten production stops, if the staff is missing or if the logistics can not be guaranteed if for example the drivers are missing”. In General, producers have not only a supplier of raw materials, but raw materials from multiple sources, so that potential delivery difficulties could be bridged.

The advocacy organization took the opportunity for a swipe at critics of the food industry: It is remarkable, the Association said, “in times of crisis, apparently, is exactly the food demand, which are otherwise, on the part of certain consumer protection organizations and also the media is under attack: some of which are highly processed foods that not to do without additives.” The show, that it is important and right to have a diverse food offering. The had, however, consumer organizations like foodwatch never in question.