-JIECANG Introduces New Products At CIFF 2023, Promoting Intelligent Development Of Office Furniture

GUANGZHOU, China, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The China International Furniture Fair (CIFF 2023) kicked off on March 28 at the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex. At the event, JIECANG, the world’s leading provider of linear actuator solutions, partnered with high-end European sub-brand LOGICDATA to showcase a range of impressive new products.

Adapt to the new market and meet new demands with new solutions

After the pandemic, large renowned companies have adopted hybrid office models. As a consequence, these models have also become a new choice for start-ups, and several well-known office furniture brands have provided new office furniture and space design solutions.

In the past, the lift system has been used in commercial office settings in the form of combination workstations and large desks. Today, agile workspaces break the previously fixed trend of working in an office and integrate into a diverse range of scenes and styles.

At this year’s CIFF, JIECANG launched a series of new lifting system products under the banner of “BE AGILE. BE READY”, providing more inspiration for agile workspace design. Products include solutions such as electric standing desks, mobile flip-down standing desks, phone booth lifting systems, and TV lifting systems.

Capture the trend and innovate in product categories from the supply side.

In the past five years, the esports industry in China has become part of popular culture. The number of e-sports enthusiasts has increased every year, and the e-sports peripheral industry chain has also developed rapidly, giving rise to the e-sports lifting desk. As early as 2020, JIECANG launched an esports desktop, and this year, the company unveiled the Invictus gaming desktop, which is more differentiated on the market, stable, meets GS requirements, has unique esports elements, a powerful cable management system and offers custom design services differentiated by brand.

The collaboration of the two brands makes it possible to offer comprehensive solutions to customers with cutting-edge technology.

JIECANG acquired LEG Group in 2021, providing multi-dimensional and comprehensive solutions for customers in the industry. At this year’s exhibition, LOGICDATA, the high-end European sub-brand of JIECANG Group, has jointly participated in the display of advanced LOGICleg brushless motor lift systems and LOGICflex X intelligent four-leg lift table systems with the LOGICDATA’s core technology. LOGICleg brushless motor lifting system works stably, meets international certification requirements such as GS, and can be customized in appearance, color, and travel distance. LOGICflex X is an adjustable multifunctional smart lifting desk that is equipped with the core technology of the LOGICflex series.

JIECANG’s outstanding standing desk system, which adopts top-level safety standard anti-collision technology, ZOOM quick lift technology, EZ quick installation solution, column internal wiring technology, and high-speed standing desk technology. Internet of Things (IoT) footing, brings unique value points to users in different scenarios, such as business and home use.

Become the technological cornerstone of smart furniture development, supporting the high-quality development of the industry.

As a technological cornerstone for the development of intelligent furniture, JIECANG’s lift system components have provided a solid technological foundation for the innovative development of intelligent lifting desks in China’s office furniture industry. As a result, JIECANG has earned accolades such as being awarded the China Intelligent Office Furniture Development Contribution Award.

In the future, JIECANG will continue to deepen the application of lifting system technology, help customers improve their product intelligence, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

Following the pandemic, the smart furniture industry has entered a new era of development. Faced with new challenges, JIECANG focuses on developing the next generation of linear actuator products.

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