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Esports, the evolution of FAST and the transformation of news will be key for the media this year. On the other hand, artificial intelligence, data optimization and “remote” will play a leading role in ‘telco’

Bilbao, January 31, 2024.- Agile Content, a listed company and provider of Internet television and transmission solutions, has identified the 10 most important trends in media and telecommunications for 2024. Some correspond to the natural evolution of other trends that have been observed in the sector in recent years and others emerge as new to dethrone others that have seen their growth slow down.

1. Sports are redefined. At a time when television consumption is in full metamorphosis, innovation and evolution of the user experience is very necessary. In the last two decades, video games have had the ambition of being as similar as possible to “real” sports. Now, on the contrary, it is sports that need to learn and adopt video game technology to offer a more interactive and immersive experience to the user. These seek more interactivity, instant statistics, cameras and effects, that is, the redefinition of traditional sports through interactivity only previously seen in video games.

2. FAST collides with reality. The media, and specifically television, has been one of the sectors that has undergone the greatest change in the last decade. Since the consolidation of streaming platforms, users have various options to consume their favorite content and as a result of these changes, a new trend began to emerge at the beginning of this year: FAST (free streaming television with advertising – Free Ad). supported Streaming Television). However, after 2023, reality has shown that it is very difficult to monetize it and make it fit the audience. Therefore, it is likely that the fever to start it will slow down and new ways of how to use it successfully will be studied.

3. News evolves. The news program is one of the most important formats on television, but they have been losing audience and trust for a long time, as some statistics already pointed out, such as Rebold’s Audience Panel 2022, where the news programs suffered an 11% drop in viewership. % compared to past years. For this reason and to compete with the numerous alternatives developed on the Internet, news programs must adapt to the online consumption model. This 2024 may begin with more personalized newscasts, abandoning the idea of ​​a 30-minute “linear” newscast in favor of a model that encourages exploration and curiosity.

4. AI will be the answer to personalization. It is not new for any user of streaming platforms to see content recommended by the interface itself according to the tastes and preferences previously demonstrated. However, due to the evolution that AIs have experienced this past year, a further step may be taken in 2024 and artificial intelligence will begin to shape the user experience. In the near future, we will be able to see how the sophistication of AI algorithms improve content selection and offer users highly personalized recommendations in different types of media.

5. Data-driven decisions for ‘telcos’. The optimization of operations and the automation of procedures allows supplier companies in the telecommunications sector to optimize their services and integrate even better into the workflow of their clients. Thus, companies will not only be able to improve the user experience thanks to the flow of data, but they will also optimize their decisions.

6. Advertising is diversified. Inflation and rising prices have been two of the most talked about topics this year and one of the solutions that companies have begun to consider is sources of additional income. Therefore, the telecommunications sector will see an increase in advertising technology, as well as greater monetization capacity.

7. Remote production and collaboration. The evolution of cloudification in the field of content production will reduce the complexity of companies with faster consumption methods. These new technologies will allow applications to take advantage of cloud services from different platforms to improve performance and will also enable collaboration in media production between the different actors in the E2E (end to end) chain.

8. New subscription brokers. Operators will become subscription brokers in the media space, combining and bundling end consumer subscriptions and making the experience and user interface more convenient for consumption, combining broadband and media in attractive offers. This is in line with the Agile Store concept, which combines different subscription integrations into a single customer interface.

9. Telecommunications will be multi-service providers. As? Incorporating more services into your plan to unify your offer and offer users a single package of benefits. This would simplify the task of contracting and installing various products with other companies (light, alarms…). Furthermore, everything indicates that television could become one of the most attractive options within these services.

New actors in the television market. The so-called small and medium-sized operators are going to enter the television market with the intention of improving their competitiveness and being able to compete with the large agents. Furthermore, thanks to the growing hypersegmentation of audiences, local content will be one of your key value propositions to enter this market.


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