Spain, September 6, 2023.

Residencial Palau and Residencia Carpe Diem, two prominent senior care centers in Spain and Argentina respectively, have joined forces in an exciting project that transcends borders and unites residents in a unique virtual experience. The virtual gastronomic workshop, part of Residencial Palau’s award-winning “Cooking for the World” project, has taken users of both centers on an exciting culinary and cultural journey

Giving continuity to the successful project that won the Nutrisenior award for good food practices in residences and centers for the elderly in 2020, Residencial Palau has been carrying out joint activities with other Spanish residences under the motto “Cooking for the World”. The vision of internationalizing this project has come true as activities have resumed after the improvement of the health situation. In a bold step towards internationalization, Residencial Palau contacted the Carpe Diem Residence in Buenos Aires, belonging to the Montalto Group. The result was an exciting exchange of both culinary and cultural knowledge, where Argentine residents contributed the recipe and secrets surrounding genuine Argentine empanadas, while Spanish residents contributed the recipe for coca de recapte. This innovative virtual link has given rise to an ongoing series of collaborative activities. Experts from Carpe Diem and Residencial Palau have been leading sessions ranging from quizzes and music therapy sessions, to yoga classes, cognitive stimulation exercises and drawing sessions. Beyond the activities themselves, the residents of both centers have found a space to share experiences and create meaningful connections despite the physical distance.”This project has given us the opportunity to unite our residents in a unique and exciting way “, comments José Luis Monserrat director of Residencial Palau. “The kitchen is a cultural and emotional bridge, and through this collaboration, our residents have been able to share an important part of their identity while learning and connecting with people from different continents.” The favorable response this initiative has generated has created a inspiring example. Both Residencial Palau and Residencia Carpe Diem hope to continue strengthening this intercontinental project and seeking new opportunities to collaborate with senior care centers in other countries. This initiative exemplifies how technology and creativity can overcome geographical and cultural barriers, promoting inclusion and mutual enrichment.

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